DNA Lounge: Wherein photos are presented, plus some ancient history.

Photos are up of the Meat Seven Year Anniversary, Bohemian Carnival, and Baxtalo Drom.

I spent a while digging through the Google Usenet, SF Weekly and Chronicle archives looking for evidence of old DNA Lounge shows, and found quite a bit. Besides show announcements, there was also a lot of info to be spotted from people discussing the shows they had just seen, and a surprising amount of info buried in bootleg-trading lists.

So, I put up what I found. It's still dramatically incomplete.

I can't remember what the first show I saw at DNA Lounge was. I know I was at the Machines of Loving Grace show in 1992, but I'm pretty sure I had seen shows here before that. That's the oldest one on the current list that I attended, though.

Go get out your shoebox of old club flyers, dig through it, and tell me what you find!