DNA Lounge: Wherein we engage in some archæology.

Hey, check this out, it's a video of Consolidated playing at DNA Lounge eighteen years ago! If you watch closely, you can see the different shape of the old balcony railings, and the four-sided bar, with the glowing glass blocks that the bottles sat on.

Which reminds me. I have a complete listing of all the bands that have played here under my watch, but that only takes us back to 2001. One of these days, I'd sure like to construct a listing of all the bands that have played here since 1985. Someone dumped a few pre-2001 band names into the DNA Lounge Wikipedia entry, but I have no idea where that info came from.

Sadly, that time period predates most of the interweb. We're lucky if newspapers have working archives going all the way back to Aught Six, let alone the Nineteen Hundreds.

A few years ago I tried to track down an archive of Steve Koepke's ancient photocopied handbill "The List", since many DNA shows were listed there, but the only archive that I've ever found is this one, and it only goes back to 1994.

Any ideas?


You could be at risk to exposure to flying polyps.

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MacOS 7 on iPhone!

But can it run Netscape?

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Shaved Bumblebee