Things that were once fun.

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  1. mc_kingfish says:

    I bet there's a whole wing devoted to goth!

  2. spike says:

    See also: The (Burning Man) Museum of It was better Last year, and related video.
    I have no association with TMoIwbLy; I'm with SFGH.

    • waider says:

      I think there should also be a Museum of It was better before all YOU people showed up.

      (reminding me once again of the quote which I can't find and the attribution of which I can't recall, but it's along the lines of people who regarded themselves as old-timers in the early days of USENET being akin to the puritans looking down on the people in the second boat. May have been Mitch Kapor who said it.)

  3. loftwyr says:

    And so it was, that all things fun were placed in a museum, and locked away.

    From then on, meals were of lima beans and brussel sprouts and kids were forced to sit on the sidewalk idly throwing small stones at the ground.

  4. inoah says:

    Once, there was NO fun... This was before MENU planning,
    FASHION statements or NAUTILUS equipment...
    Then, in 1985.. FUN was completely encoded in this tiny MICROCHIP..
    It contain 14,768 vaguely amusing SIT-COM pilots!!
    We had to wait FOUR BILLION years but we finally got JERRY LEWIS,
    MTV and a large selection of cream-filled snack cakes!