the twits

jwz I think one of these days I should twit my every action, like every 5 min or something.
httf that would be a lot of links.
jwz "getting on bike."
"getting off bike."
"sitting in meeting."
"burning with rage."
"clicking 'next' on mp3 player."
that might get all the people I don't know to stop following me!
httf I doubt it
everyone else has the same problem I do
jwz "looking at amputee porn."
"getting a towel."
httf I vote yes on this plan
I'll reply to half of them, @jwz lol!
jwz "having lunch with nicholas cage."
"doing blow off a prepubescent hooker."
"cleaning my guns."
httf See, this would not make people stop following you.
jwz dammit. you're right.
httf If you twit an entire day, I will totally join twitter.
I'd probably even let it send shit to my phone. And sit in class snickering every 5 minutes

It is IRONIC that this discussion took place over Jabber.

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31 Responses:

  1. phoenixredux says:

    I only follow you on LJ because you post awesome and hilarious things on a fairly consistent basis. If you'd stop being so damn entertaining, people would probably leave you alone. But you don't really want that, now, do you?

  2. lilmissnever says:

    httf See, this would not make people stop following you.

    K is correct. Not only would people not stop following you, but they would start confusing you with Warren Ellis.

  3. "having lunch with nicholas cage."
    "doing blow off a prepubescent hooker."
    "cleaning my guns."

    Now you sound like a club owner!

  4. baconmonkey says:

    "rage is coming out now"

  5. mysterc says:

    I like it better if you mistype things
    *having lunch with a prepubescent hooker*
    *peeing with rage*
    *doing blow off Nicholas Cage*
    *cleaning my amputee porn*

  6. cryptomail says:

    New service should only have those three buttons IMO judging by all the good salient content spewing out of twitter.

  7. lrc says:

    Just write a twitbot that post semi random shit. See how long it takes people to notice.

    I follow your LJ because you do a great job of sorting out and posting interesting links.

    • pikuorguk says:

      I've got one of those, it has the weird effect of attracting other bots.

      I follow this LJ in the hope of some world class ranting of the quality that was on Plus the funny pictures.

  8. perligata says:

    I present Greg K-H's twitter as evidence that nothing can deter fanboys.

  9. tedlick says:

    Is this where I post a relevant Penny Arcade or XKCD comic?

    On second thought, no.

    You're welcome.

  10. nathanrsfba says:

    Of course, at some point, unless you're a really good thumb-typist, it'll take longer to tweet what you're doing than to actually do it.

    • "posting on twitter"
    • "posting on twitter to say I'm posting on twitter"
    • "typing a 'p'"
    • "typing a 'o'"
    • "typing a 's'"
    • "typing a 't'"
    • "pressing the 4"
    • "pressing the 4 a second time"
    • "pressing the 4 a third time"
    • "runing screaming into the night over how tedious all this bullshit is"
    • jayp39 says:

      My company is working on a product that interfaces with Twitter. One of the screens I saw today has a box that says "What are you doing?" where users can type in and (obviously) submit to Twitter. My suggestion was that as soon as they clicked in the box it would insert the text "Posting to Twitter."

  11. httf says:

    I totally joined today. It's shameful. You should really do this, before I start hating Twitter.

  12. ghosthacked says:

    You have seen nathan barley, ya? Hope you find the next Failure at sxsw this year. Action Painters from brooklyn are good but i doubt they'll be there.

  13. shandrew says:

    "burning with rage."

    You should see a doctor, soon.

    Isn't there someone already famous for twittering their bowel movements?

  14. anktastic says:

    Can anyone explain to me what twitter is?
    I heard that it's a retarded bird that looks like a dead whale. Is this accurate?

  15. Use Perl::Net::Twitter to pipe your shell history file to twitter. Overwhelm everyone with your every command line activity, but in an overwhelmingly boring way. Problem solved.