The lack of self-awareness here is pretty special.

Or is this some kind of second-order irony? Irony gone fractal?

Update: fantasygoat points out that the uncropped photo is even better:


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  1. chuck_lw says:

    Maybe he's closeted hipster scum ... openly closeted hipster scum.

  2. coldacid says:

    If I had any Photoshop skills at all, I'd make the situation worse by turning that sheet of paper he's drawing on into the very same photo. And so on, and so on...

  3. dmlaenker says:

    Fuckin' Mission. Better not actually fill any of the vacant storefronts they've been complaining about - they'll beat the shit out of you!

  4. lionsphil says:

    Maybe he's penning a supposedly witty retort?

  5. prog says:

    Maybe he forgot to put a comma after "NO"?

  6. taffer says:

    What about hipster doofuses? Doofii?

  7. fantasygoat says:

    The uncropped photo is even better.

  8. He's a month late and unusually public about his new year's resolutions.

  9. bitterjesus says:

    When the anti-hipster movement starts talking about banning PBR and American Spirits in the Mission, I'll take them seriously. Until then, they're just whining.

  10. evan says:

    I love my neighborhood. That protest was like a block from my house.

  11. cattycritic says:

    Do we really need yet another out-group to hate? Didn't we just elect a black President?

    Seriously, this shit is long past old.

  12. 0ntological says:


  13. latemodel says:

    There's a wealth of cultural knowledge to be had just in hearing him describe what a hipster is.


  14. vordark says:

    Maybe I'm just becoming one of those old, curmudgeon/fogies in my approaching middle-age, but over the last few years I've developed an almost pathological hatred of every sub-culture I've come in contact with. Emo, hipster, I don't care.

    Maybe it's just me, but I seem to recall a time where you could wear the clothes you wanted to wear, read the books you wanted to read and listen to the music you wanted to hear without being dropped into a particular sub-culture/label. Or, god forbid, some damn label you actually self-applied.

    • heresiarch says:

      what time was that? and who was included in "you"? this strikes me as suspiciously revisionist history.

      • vordark says:

        This would be the mid to late nineties. And "you" would be myself and everyone I gave a shit about. Obviously a self-selecting group, but "revisionist" would not be an applicable term.

        • latemodel says:

          And "you" would be myself and everyone I gave a shit about.

          This is a fantastic definition of revisionism.

          • vordark says:

            So apart from proving you don't actually know what that term means, do you have any other comments?

            I defined my terms as I mean them now, and as I meant them then. "Revisionism" explicitly calls for change, which does not exist in this instance.

            Be that as it may, my original comment consisted of only the following two ideas:

            1. I hate pretty much everyone today.
            2. I hated much fewer people a decade ago.

            • latemodel says:

              Revisionism does not require any change in time, just that you differ from some orthodox tradition. In the sense that heresiarch is using, it means that you are editing history to prove your argument.

        • heresiarch says:

          well, it could be argued that pop culture more generally divides continually into numerous subcultures and genres, and that we all take bits here and there, in a form of pastiche or bricolage.

          having been a teenager through the end of the 90s, though, i recall there being plenty of well-defined labels and subcultures, from the preppies and freaks to the punks, ravers, and hippies. certainly not everyone was automatically categorized as one of those, but one's taste in music and fashion was as central to youth culture as it is now. and i'm sure there are still plenty of kids who don't strictly fit into any label -- see my above description (in linguistics, this continual breakdown into smaller and smaller binary categories is known as fractal recursion).

          i'm as cranky as the next 30-something, but i don't think things have changed that much in the past decade, just because there are new labels and subgenres that didn't exist when we were kids.

          • base3 says:

            you are now all forbidden from using the word 'fractal' until you know what it means, hipsters.

            • latemodel says:

              So by fractal, she means repetition of a basic pattern over many length scales. Do you have some problem with that, Benoit?

            • heresiarch says:

              heh. well, you're welcome to take up the meaning of "fractal" in linguistics with Susan Gal and Judith Irvine :P.

              • jwz says:

                Oh look, you're "liberating" a mathematical concept for use in linguistics.

                This should be a warning sign to you.


                • heresiarch says:

                  me, or the well-known linguistic anthropologists whose term it is?

                  • jwz says:

                    Feel my contempt for the malleability of your convictions!

                  • httf says:

                    Clearly post-modern theory has failed if it provides no strategies for arguing with drunks.

                    (Unless perhaps Foucault has covered this, the best strategy is to get very drunk yourself)

                  • heresiarch says:

                    clearly. though technically, there's no such thing as postmodern theory -- postmodernism is a condition of the world. but i suppose that's not terribly relevant.

                    personally, i find a lot of comp lit makes wayyyy more sense when i'm drunk. either way, i suspect your suggested strategy is spot-on.

                • latemodel says:

                  Yes, it's clear that nobody should ever use the word fractal to describe a natural process.

  15. biggeek says:

    It's like a San Francisco analogue of a young 2009 Woody Allen trying to prove himself so post-hipster that he can have sex with that neo-hipster girl...

    But she'll dump him for the first fixie bike messenger she meets.

  16. dasht says:

    It's funny how people use a word like "hipster" in such different ways. Making some pretty safe assumptions about who that guy is, I don't see irony in the slightest. I see a legitimate complaint about posers engaged in conspicuous consumption who descend on an otherwise peaceful neighborhood and behave like ill-mannered clods.

    Which reminds me: for all hipsters who like to visit the Thai temple in Berkeley for Sunday cheap-eatz and a big cluster-hug of mutual validation: please stop it. Just lay off that place for a year or two and give the neighbors some peace (not to mention us cyclists who have to navigate your "ownership" of the street that day).

    Oh, sh-t, I'm being a humorless bitch again. Darn.

    • spendocrat says:

      Yeah -- shit, darn!

      • dasht says:

        A good "cheap-eatz" hack? There's a place on "Sacramento" near Ashby that does awesome fried chicken, midday. You can gorge for $5 without much problem. There's a strict "no loitering" thing around the place (as noted in the gaurdian or e-bay express review, I forget which) but just a few blocks away is a nice park with a picnic area. That's a pretty close-by diversion if you would normally go to the Thai guys/gals but instead want to show some respect for the neighborhood.

        I've been on both sides of the "hipster" v. "native" debate in more than one neighborhood, over the years. I think the natives are more or less always right and I think things are better if people generally respect that. The whole world is a temple. No need to fight over where to have a picnic. Tread lightly and practice empathy.


        • 0ntological says:

          No need to fight over where to have a picnic.

          my personal QOTD. Thanks!

        • latemodel says:

          Tread lightly and practice empathy.

          That's all well and good in practice, but we're talking about California here. This is a fundamentally alien concept out here.

          • dasht says:

            Yes, there's that. It's because (I hypothesize) that the first front of western expansion in the 19th century was largely a lot of folks kicked out of town back east on account of, roughly speaking, sociopathy. The bad vibe persists.


          • 0ntological says:

            which is really ironic, isn't it? Practice what you preach and all that? Seems difficult.

            Everyone should be more fucking calm. God! Now get out of my way....I'm late for yoga.

  17. The lack of self-awareness in this comment-explosion here is pretty special.

    Don't you think?

  18. ghosthacked says:

    "do these people realise they are hipsters?"

    so it has come to pass.