Metreon Death Watch continues

Metreon closing Playstation and Sony Style stores. Remember, "It's not a mall, it's an urban entertainment destination." I still like Sanraku, but the video arcade is dead to me since they took out Hyperbowl and most of the residual Mobius art. And what the hell is up with the Claw Game Graveyard that takes up half of the second floor now? Previously.
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  1. mooflyfoof says:

    Hahaha, I have a friend who runs that arcade/claw game graveyard. He held a birthday party for his girlfriend there and gave us all basically infinite tokens. I got so many retarded stuffed animals. I agree that it's kind of WTF though. I don't know what his reasoning is. Maybe they pull in good money?

    • alana_ash says:

      I know someone who works at one of the Wunderland arcades here in Portland, and he said something about the claw games pulling in huge money. This was in response to Dance Dance Revolution being pulled out and replaced with said claw games.

  2. revsphynx says:

    "It's not a mall, it's an urban entertainment destination."

    We have something here in Cincinnati that keeps having stores pull out that says almost the same thing when asked about it. "We don't see ourselves as a mall. We are a leisure-time destination." They have several large spaces that have been empty since it opened 8 years ago, and had an IMax that shut down 2 years after it opened and has sat empty ever since. It has now turned into just a place that houses a movie theater, hot topic, barnes and noble, aquarium, and a handful of overpriced chain restaurants.

    • colubra says:

      Metreon doesn't even have a bookstore to recommend it (unless you think things to drop on your coffee table are all a bookstore needs). It's overpriced chain restaurants and a theatre. The IMAX didn't close, though.
      At least, not yet.

  3. I believe there is a Sanraku on Sutter downtown.

  4. dr_memory says:

    If by "entertainment" you mean "tiptoeing cautiously through the knuckleheads, never quite knowing which one is going to shoot your ass for passing them on the escalators," then yes, the Metreon provides more "urban entertainment" per square inch than any other destination in the city except for most bars in Hunters Point.

    It will not be missed.

  5. mysterc says:

    That place is gonna end up being a home depot.

  6. lohphat says:

    All Metreon ever was to me was a theater complex with a sushi bar.

    The last time I walked through last month gave the impression of a collapsing casino where the Sony store was compensating for the suck the arcade had become.

    Just like 95% of the Dot Com world, it was all hype and little substance.

  7. inoah says:

    The arcade's been closed for years anyway, as far as I can tell from the past 2 times I've been there to meet for drinks.

  8. morrisa says:

    So glad I got my moebius shot glasses there when I did

  9. nathanrsfba says:

    "It's not a mall, it's an urban entertainment destination."

    One time when I was there to see a movie (I assume the theatre is still there) my friend and I noticed a thing on the floor; one of those back projectors with an optical eye, so the image on the floor reacts to people walking over it, or even waving their hands over it.

    The unimaginative clods were using it for advertising. What a waste of potential.

    I envisioned something like that, but full room-sized, running a game of Pong or something. Bring in a bunch of cool shit like that, and you really could call it an "urban entertainment destination." Although at that point I'd just use the outright term "playground."

    (I saw something like that at the mall downtown, running some pong-like game, but it wasn't a full room, just a square on the floor like the one at the Metreon.)

    • That overhead projection thing was there for a while. It later turned into a video game system: it would cycle through various mini games where the motion sensors would allow you to move game pieces around. (Like kicking a socker ball, for example.) It was very popular with little kids.

      But they recently took it out. I went through there a couple weeks ago and it was gone. :/

      • edouardp says:

        I saw it running as a soccer game, and little kids were indeed loving it. It had crashed the next day, which sucked, as it was some kind of awesome (very probably 5 year old kid awesome).

    • fishbliss says:

      It was made by SF-based Reactrix.

    • mooflyfoof says:

      It was made by an acquaintance of mine. He camped with us at Burning Man one year and brought it -- it was installed in our dome. Pretty crazy and fun, actually. Shame that they were using it for advertising at the Metreon, though. It's a really neat thing. I like your full room sized Pong idea!

  10. pmb7777 says:

    The Metreon should be a case study in why architecture needs to be functional as well as pretty. They can call it whatever they want, but by not laying it out like a mall, they doomed it. The pedestrian traffic flows through that building are HORRIBLE, giving every single storefront the visibility of a back alley. It's always fascinated me that they could make it as bad as they did. Maybe someone was intentionally designing an anti-mall interior space.

  11. fishbliss says:

    The Sony Store was fun to browse in, but for me, the best part about Metreon was the food court.
    When working a gig at Moscone (WWDC, for example) it was great to have a reasonably decent food court right there to be able to grab a bite of lunch. 'Course, if I had time, I'd rather walk an extra block to 'WichCraft.