I, for one, welcome our new Japanese hydrocephalic, erect, and lactose intolerant overlords.

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  1. 5beroptic says:

    I love Livejournal embedding...

    Your lactose video has been replaced by my Prong video and vice versa. What's strange is I just loaded up LJ on my Ubuntu machine and it did the same thing. This happens about once a month and I have no clue why.

    It looks like a common problem and I'm sure one of your grunts (no pun intended) can explain why.


  2. colubra says:

    ...what in god's name is that intended to promote? Because I can only assume it's a commercial.

    A little googling tells me that it's a piece some whackjob Japanese artist did, rather than a commercial product.

    Oh Japan. How I am awed by your brokenness.

  3. vordark says:

    Dear Japanese People,

    Please stop exploring your sexuality. It's really freaking us out.

    Thank you,

    American People

  4. NO! NO! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. baconmonkey says:

    our new overlord might possibly a robot too - at least the walking sounds imply as much.

  6. bdu says:

    Japanese perversions are the bestests.

  7. rubber_shirt says:

    MASK: The Early Years

  8. lordshell says:

    What in the name of God was that?

  9. Oh, Japan, so little with the being normal.