hello kitty fetish heads. yes, hello kitty fetish heads.

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20 Responses:

  1. vomitrocity says:

    I don't have sound here, so I have no idea what is going on, but it made me happy.

    Is it a music video or something?

  2. autopope says:

    Oh, so that's what feorag was up to this morning.

  3. mcity says:

    That's the exact point where this stopped being a cute, strange promotional video and took a hairpin turn into "what is this i don't even".

  4. latemodel says:

    The second coming of Tina Root.

  5. violentbloom says:

    Everything we've come to expect from David La Chappelle

  6. leolo says:

    Anyone else catch the vore?

    Also, the cat looked afraid of the pink-haired stick figure, leading me to initially believe it was a vampire or something.

  7. sparklydevil says:

    and the makeup choices for this line are crap!

    • violentbloom says:

      I was totally bummed by their colors. I did get a couple of the eyeliners though, which are nice, but not branded with hello kitty. :(

  8. pezking124 says:

    I didn't believe it until I saw it.

  9. leendabunny says:

    Getting way too much from the line. I got the newsletter and ordered late Monday night. This proves the fact that I should not stay at home on Mondays. I am in the process of being deprogrammed by the hubby about buying anything attached to "The Cat".

  10. lordshell says:

    Vhat de hell vas dat?

  11. icedaemoness says:

    How did no-one mention the pink ruffle vagine? So she follows her anima (who thinks she's scary) into her vagine (or wait.. did her pussy go into her anus?) and fantasizes that she's black... in fact, once enough mysterious fetish-men touch her (hai; are you old enough to get suggestively gang-banged? Are you old enough to have your boobs touched?), she actually turns into the black woman at one point....
    OH GAWD man's pedifiliac visualizatioin of a white girl's fantasy gone so wrong...
    p.s. can I has that garden, though?