Facebook guidance, please

So, I have this "Save DNA Lounge" Facebook group. Dear Lazyweb, please tell me how to use it properly.

I wanted to send out an update to the people who joined the group about recent press (basically the same thing I just published in my DNA blog.)

I used "Message All Members" to do this.

Apparently what that does is, makes something show up in everybody's facebook "Inbox". But it doesn't show anything in their news feed, and it doesn't send them email about it. I think.

I guess my other options would have been to just post a "link" to the group (would that have shown up in the news feed? Who can tell?) or to edit some text into the "Recent News" field. (That appears also to not show up in the feed. I think.)

Is "Message All Members" the done thing? Or should I have done something else?

It's also infuriating that I can't type HTML anywhere on Facebook.

And that there is no place on the profile of the main DNA Lounge Facebook page to link to the "Save DNA Lounge" group, or even to include a sentence about what the hell DNA Lounge is.

"Facebook: At Least It's Not Myspace."™

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10 Responses:

  1. scottreyns says:

    Posting a link is the safer option than messaging in bulk. Unlike Myspace which had a long early period where one could do that kind of thing with a lot of impunity, Facebook's made a more conscious, albeit erratic, effort to give people a hard time for "spamming" via that feature.

    Another way to socialize links is to put them into profile status updates, using URL trimmers e.g. Tiny, Snurl etc... Though I'd not be surprised were they to start prohibiting some forms of this. Links aside, periodic status updates about a given subject is one of the best ways to promote something.

    Yes, HTML's very hard to get in, at least in any normal way and/or that users would normally see. Unless one has real motivation i.e. to perhaps try encoding as hex or Unicode or do systematic XSS tests, I don't see it happening.

    As for what shows up in feeds or not, yeah who knows. It depends on your friends' permissions.

  2. youngwilliam says:

    As far as I can tell, that's about the only way to really do it. With the omni-message thing, it sends out the internal mail that might trigger their E-Mail, if they've a "E-Mail me when I get internal mail" setting set.

    I believe one can set up multiple webpages on a page, so one could link to the group that way?

    As per things showing up on the news feed, I don't think I've -ever- seen activity in a group turn up on the news feed.

    • ink_13 says:

      Indeed, group activity doesn't get published to news feeds -ever-.

      The Message All thing is the only way for a group admin to contact the entire group.

  3. elanswer says:

    The "Message All" was good. People generally tend to check their Inbox far more often than browse through statuses, click through to notifications, etc. Also, depending on notification preferences, message in Inbox generates email.

    I appreciated the Message All.

  4. amaranthyne says:

    You can change settings not to receive emails when you get a FB message. I, for one, leave it on.

    I have the message in my FB inbox, but strangely I didn't get an email about this like normal. Not in the spam folder, either. Just checked my settings and didn't observe any different setting for "mass group emails." I hope this is a fluke that it didn't make it to gmail, and not a feature.

  5. avatar says:

    You can do what you're talking about if you have a fan Page, not a Group.


    You might have problems with 1500 existing members in that group, though.

  6. scorpionis says:

    Status updates and links show up immediately on all of the "feed" pages so a link would probably be your best bet.

  7. defenestr8r says:

    i got an email about it. i think that all depends on each person's settings.

  8. dasht says:

    Just put it in your .plan file and maybe post something to graffiti or cs.opinion.