DNA Lounge: Wherein we network socially.

We've gotten quite a few donations so far! Thank you all so very much! You are beautiful, intelligent, and you smell great. Every last one of you. For serious.

I just created a "Save DNA Lounge" Facebook group, because I understand that's what the kids today are in to. Please join it. Bring a friend and share a miracle.

(Not to be confused with our other Facebook page.)


Fix it with BEES.

My friend cameo is opening an urban beekeeping store, Her Majesty's Secret Beekeeper. She's got hives. Hives all over the place. And a blog, hmsbeekeeprfeed.

What's the cheapest you can get tiny RFID tags? I was trying to talk her into lowjacking a statistically significant percentage of her bugs so that her hives can twitter.

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YouTube - Cameras in Digital Convert Boxes! BEWARE!!!!

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Lovecraft Filk.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth, The Musical.

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