navel disorder

Can someone please explain to me why they apparently photoshopped out Gabrielle Anwar's belly button in about half of the scenes it would have been visible in in the latest episode of Burn Notice?

It was way more obvious in video than it is in these stills. It's not just lighting. It's "what the fuck that woman has no navel."

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And then it's back!

And then it's gone again!

Update: Now with higher resolution images.

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the simple joy of writing your name in the snow

My Yelp shakedown post got seriously derailed into a thread about sitting versus hovering and pissing all over the women's restroom, and I have a question.

Dear persons with vaginas,

Why in the world have you not yet learned to pee standing up?

I've seen demos of this. My understanding is that with proper technique, and without props, you can do it without pissing all over your pants and without getting your hands or legs wet.

If I found myself in some kind of Freaky Friday body-swap situation, figuring this out would be first on my list. Ok, second on my list. Ok, third on my list. Ok, definitely some time during the first week.

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