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40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

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DNA Lounge: Wherein certain strokes are diff'rent.

I didn't realize this until 30 seconds ago, but it turns out that one of the wrestlers at this month's Fog City Wrestling -- starting right now at DNA Lounge -- is Todd Bridges, who played Willis on "Diff'rent Strokes".

How about that.

Also, the Friends of the Anemic Twig have struck again, and we have been a victim of yet another early morning drive-by tree-planting.

At least this time they seem to have reinforced it better. Maybe it will survive the first delivery truck that backs into it, unlike the last one.

Also, Hubba Hubba Revue photos are up now.


"It grows a rudimentary megastamen and anthorax, and swiftly matures into the spore of sex A, the gameteroid.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Scene missing! A video in this post has disappeared. If you know of an accessible version of this video, please mail me so that I can update this post.
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I, for one, welcome our new torture-phallus overlords.

Torture Phalluses Give Beetles Reproductive Edge

Males with the longest and spiniest genitalia propagate their genes better than their less endowed rivals, a new study says.

Several species, especially among insects, are known to physically harm their mates in reproduction, but scientists aren't sure why these traits evolved.

The new research offers the first proof that dangerous genitalia in males can represent a reproductive advantage. The resulting wounds in the females, however, are likely just an "unfortunate side effect" of the strategy, Arnqvist said, and do not provide a reproductive benefit.

For instance, 20 to 30 seed beetle species have arisen whose males look nearly identical, but have wildly divergent sexual parts. "The male copulatory organ is the single [physical] trait that evolves very rapidly across animals," Arnqvist said.

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Facebook guidance, please

So, I have this "Save DNA Lounge" Facebook group. Dear Lazyweb, please tell me how to use it properly.

I wanted to send out an update to the people who joined the group about recent press (basically the same thing I just published in my DNA blog.)

I used "Message All Members" to do this.

Apparently what that does is, makes something show up in everybody's facebook "Inbox". But it doesn't show anything in their news feed, and it doesn't send them email about it. I think.

I guess my other options would have been to just post a "link" to the group (would that have shown up in the news feed? Who can tell?) or to edit some text into the "Recent News" field. (That appears also to not show up in the feed. I think.)

Is "Message All Members" the done thing? Or should I have done something else?

It's also infuriating that I can't type HTML anywhere on Facebook.

And that there is no place on the profile of the main DNA Lounge Facebook page to link to the "Save DNA Lounge" group, or even to include a sentence about what the hell DNA Lounge is.

"Facebook: At Least It's Not Myspace."™

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we start the presses.

Thank you all so much for the generous contributions! Your help over the past few days in offsetting our legal bills means that it's going to be somewhat easier to pay our staff this month. We're not done yet, though, so please donate!

The "Save DNA Lounge" Facebook group has around 1,400 members already, which is great. Invite your friends to join! These numbers send a message.

We've gotten some publicity this week on the blogs and newspapers:

You may notice that a number of those web sites have a comments section, and that many of the commenters are saying ill-informed things like, "Well, the law's the law, and they should have known better!" Perhaps you would like to (politely) share your views of the situation on those threads.

Also, a bit of clarification, for those who might not have correctly understood my original blog post about this:

  • Though it is clear to me that ABC's investigation of our gay events is retaliation for our successful conversion to an all-ages venue, the events they are citing us for were 21+ events.

  • The majority of the offenses they are charging us with were dancers flashing for just a few seconds. We're talking about some guy mooning the audience for three seconds. That's the level of these offenses.

  • The people doing these things were not DNA employees.

  • The ABC considers "several" fully clothed pelvic thrusts, as a part of a comedy routine, to be an illegal "simulated sex act". There's hardly a music video in the world that would pass their standard.

I mention these points again because I get the impression that some people don't understand the depth of the absurdity of these charges.


something fishy

Nadya Vessey lost her legs as a child but now she swims like a mermaid.

Ms Vessey's mermaid tail was created by Wellington-based film industry wizards Weta Workshop after the Auckland woman wrote to them two years ago asking if they could make her a prosthetic tail. She was astounded when they agreed.

She lost both legs below the knee from a medical condition when she was a child and told Close Up last night her long-held dream had come true.

The suit was made mostly of wetsuit fabric and plastic moulds, and was covered in a digitally printed sock. Mermaid-like scales were painted by hand. Mr Taylor said not only did the tail have to be functional, it was important it looked realistic. "What became apparent was that she actually physically wanted to look like a mermaid."

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I, for one, welcome our new Japanese hydrocephalic, erect, and lactose intolerant overlords.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we network socially.

We've gotten quite a few donations so far! Thank you all so very much! You are beautiful, intelligent, and you smell great. Every last one of you. For serious.

I just created a "Save DNA Lounge" Facebook group, because I understand that's what the kids today are in to. Please join it. Bring a friend and share a miracle.

(Not to be confused with our other Facebook page.)


Fix it with BEES.

My friend cameo is opening an urban beekeeping store, Her Majesty's Secret Beekeeper. She's got hives. Hives all over the place. And a blog, hmsbeekeeprfeed.

What's the cheapest you can get tiny RFID tags? I was trying to talk her into lowjacking a statistically significant percentage of her bugs so that her hives can twitter.

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