Yeah, it's kind of like that.

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5 Responses:

  1. And now, here is the historically accurate hangover. Ow.

  2. ladykalessia says:

    Apolgies: I failed to find you at all to give you appropriate shit about your tails.

  3. anarqueso says:

    Heh. The dried cat is owned by the guy who broke his back at that Pigface show in '05.

  4. sheilagh says:

    t'would appear that some steam from the west coast may have been piped to Austin this past weekend, as well.

  5. elevatordown says:

    I decided to google "steamcrunk", thinking I was particularly clever. Then I find that you planted the word in my subconscious over a year ago via your LJ.

    You're the #2 hit on google for "Steamcrunk," by the way.