mixtape 064b

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 064b!

That's right, I said 064b! I built and approximation of mixtape 064 out of Youtube videos, like I did for mixtape 047. Some entries on 064b have been replaced by other tracks by the same band, and a few are missing, because I couldn't find any videos...

Update, 19-Sep-2009: Youtube seems to have broken something. If the embedded player doesn't work, try this link.

Also, I have some Youtube hate:

  • Dear Warner Music Group, please die in a fire.

  • Dear nearly-every-record-label, why do you post all your videos with "embedding disabled"? All that does is make it so that I cannot include your videos in a playlist, and thus cannot promote your artists for you. It also doesn't really work, since I just have to go three pages deep in the search results to find someone else who posted a crappy television rip of it. Instead of your almost-as-crappy rip of it.

  • Dear teenagers who post still-frame video as a way of sharing the audio: knock that shit off! There are real videos of all of these songs, and you're just cluttering up the damned search results.

  • Dear Youtube: add some god damned options to your search engine, so I can search for only videos that are embeddable, and/or only videos that are high quality. (Bonus points if there's a checkbox for "videos that contain video"! Omit the ones where the frame rate is less than 1 FPS.)

    A checkbox for "leave out the ones where 80% of the audio is clipping" would be cool, too.

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28 Responses:

  1. ammutbite says:

    I am glad to 100% share in every one of your youtube hate sentiments, along with this extra one.
    The 10 min cut off mark is arbitrary and idiotic, considering that some music video lasts longer than 10 minutes as made by artists like TG, Neubauten, Plasmatics, etc.

    • lafinjack says:

      The ten minute limit has been gone for a while, and even before then certain types of accounts could go longer.

    • edge_walker says:

      That's exactly why they put it in place - to keep the MPAA off their backs by preventing people from uploading full-length movies without considerable pain.

      • ammutbite says:

        Thanks for writing.
        While I find your approval of "appeasement" of MPAA/RIAA amusing, uploading "fill-length movies" has no relevance in this case.
        Since the comment you replied to refers to preserving the integrity of musical works, the word "exactly" is summarily inappropriate.

  2. unwoman says:

    Some are probably much worse than others, but fyi youtube normalizes badly so that even when the original audio track has 0 clipping, the one on youtube will. I guess they figure it's not loud enough unless it's distorting.

  3. mdl says:

    I'd rather people just not use YouTube for sharing music, because it sounds like shit. Seems strange that they haven't made the audio decent quality now that they're supporting much better video...

  4. Get off my lawn!

    • jwz says:

      I am happy with them being on my lawn. I just wish they were able to land a move every now and then.

  5. What.. You're not into every video you search for being dubbed over some crappy anime footage?

    What the hell is wrong with you?!

  6. kaishaku says:

    How about 'instructional' movies that contain 20 seconds of video and 100 seconds of "Here's an animation of me typing, character by character, exactly what the video's description says..."

  7. strspn says:

    Minipop is fantastic, M83 is fantastic, Jem is truly an amazing Suzanne Vega / Natalie Merchant hybrid, there's no "Full screen" or "Playlist on Youtube" buttons that I can find. The best I can do is this url.

    I continue to be amazed and enriched by your search for new music and will continue to watch and listen.

    • jwz says:

      You tried a lot harder than you needed to.

      Click on the icon to the right of "Play" to bring up the "coverview" thingy in-window. Scroll to video. Select. Double-click in the main window to go to that video's individual page.

  8. ellettra says:

    hello hello! a dear friend, crackmonkey sent me your way, with the promise of mixtapes. and wow, good stuff. thanks for your great work compiling and letting us stream them!