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  1. quercus says:

    Funny, but full of stupids like equating "ragnarok" and "Book of Revelations".
    What is this, Wikipedia?

  2. travisd says:

    Now it's only a matter of time before some band springs into existence for no other reason thank to fill the "Physically Impossible" Triple-umlat category.

  3. taskboy3000 says:

    The finest ontology yet produced.

  4. wyndebreaker says:

    Where's the JRR Tolkien category?

  5. lnghnds says:

    Angel queef?

  6. ultranurd says:

    Ugh. Faulkner. He's everywhere.

  7. leolo says:

    Hahahahahhahahahah! YES!

  8. Why is "sodomy" under "deadly things"?

  9. dr_memory says:

    They're missing one label. That skull in the middle?

    That skull is Dio.

  10. elfs says:

    I'm reminded of Jon Armstrong's book Grey, with its bands Alüminüm Anüs (triple umlaut wins), Töxic Tësticle Färm and Hammørhëd

  11. merovingian says:

    Some occultism-nerd part of me wants to create meaning from the lines of the pentagram. Like some common elemental thread of heavy-metal-ness that links "Medieval, Religion, Animals, and Pointless Misspellings" and which is totally separate but just as basic as "Faulker References, Badass Misspellings, Animals, and Metal."

    Also, seems like they really could have reorganized it to include a category for "Things About Butts."

  12. bitterjesus says:

    Chart is worthless without Stryper.

  13. mackys says:

    Technically don't you think MegaDeth belongs in the "pointless misspellings" category just as much as the "death" category?

    I notice that DeathTöngue and DeathMøle are conspicuously absent from this list. Tut-tut!

  14. taffer says:

    Baal's Balls?

  15. urocyon says:

    Borknagar: The band so nice they charted it twice. And where are Spın̈al Tap and Alice Cooper? Eh? Eh?

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