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Dr Manhattan photographs Neil Armstrong on the
occasion of the Apollo moon landings, July 20th 1969

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  1. knowbuddy says:

    Given the spherical nature of the faceplate, and given that the camera is in the apparent center of Dr Manhattan's body ... shouldn't Manhattan be perfectly vertical, and not off-center (and thus warped) as he is?

    Or am I just not able to wrap my brain around the optics?

    • jwz says:

      Jesus, I am so sick of you kooks crying "FAKE!" every time you see an Apollo photo. Let it go.

    • dojothemouse says:

      I think it works if Neil Armstrong is not in the center of the frame. It could be a crop.

      • pphaneuf says:

        In a sense, the perforations on the left would agree with that, but that in itself is incorrect: the Hasselblad cameras used on the moon (and the one used by Dr Manhattan looks like one) use roll film, which doesn't have perforations.

        It's some pretty good promotional content, though, and I hope the movie is adequately awesome. :-)

    • gwynjudd says:

      Just look at the pixels

    • ciphergoth says:

      I wanted to make the response jwz has but I'm way too late for that, so.

      I think this whole shot was set up and posed for the movie - it's not a Photoshopping of an existing moon shot. So I imagine Billy Crudup is actually standing in shot, in costume... ah, wait, your point is that this was taken by a real photographer standing to Crudup's left who has been photoshopped out and that's why it looks wrong. That seems right to me too.

      • wisn says:

        You never know. It could be from the photos made during the fake moonshot in Arizona, and then they sent Dr. Manhattan to the moon with a camera and a hemispherical mirror to make the pic that they photoshopped in later. Dr. Manhattan can do that, I hear.

  2. rhino_rex says:

    we don't really know if that is Neil or not. it is his suit but it could be Collins on a secret stroll. (in Arizona)

  3. lafinjack says:

    Apparently he was in his underoos phase at the time.

  4. slacktide says:

    Other way around. In the famous photograph, the main astronaut pictured is Aldrin. Armstrong is the reflection, and it's one of only a few pictures of Armstrong on the moon. They only had one film camera, and Armstrong took the pictures.

    But who watches the people who watch the watchmen?

  5. grahams says:

    Since you linked directly to Flickr, I figured I'd make sure you had seen:


    The recently posted "NBS" video is great...

  6. mcity says:

    "Oh, hai. What took you so long?"