Fear of a blonde planet. Fear, baby. Fear.

Schoolgirls banned from lessons by headmaster for being 'too blonde'

A headteacher has come under fire from parents and pupils after banning two 16-year-olds from school for being 'too blonde'. Raegan Booth, 16, and Aby Western, 15, say they were threatened with expulsion by David Alexander unless they dyed their hair brown.
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  1. chuck_lw says:

    Everybody's overlooking the simplest explanation...

    They're obviously witches.

  2. thgintaetal says:

    "two 16-year-olds"
    "Aby Western, 15"
    Something doesn't add up here.

    • It's the Daily Mail. I'm actually surprised they didn't find a paper thin excuse to show the girls in bikinis.

      • pete23 says:

        or link it to house prices falling and illegal immigrants.

        • The bikini thing is more the Sun/Daily Sport. The Daily Heil is more straight-down-the-line xenophobic rabble rousing.

          Given that it's the Daily Mail, I would imagine that the subtext is that it's a conspiracy between the Muslims (most of whom have dark hair) and the European Union (who probably ban having blond hair as a racist statement/likely to cause offense). It's political correctness and health and safety gone mad!

      • infrogmation says:

        Parents were apparently holding out for too much money.

  3. killbox says:

    Is the teacher experimenting with artificial intelligence?

  4. anktastic says:

    Nice. I've got an exam you can sit on RIGHT HERE!

  5. Best use of tags, to my memory.

  6. flipzagging says:

    Did anyone else think of this scene from Fight Club?

  7. obreerbo says:

    I've been waiting for this story to be posted on FARK.com just so I could see all the comments from people saying, "I'd hit it!"

  8. leolo says:


  9. korgmeister says:

    You ever get this feeling that David Alexander had a major crush on a blonde chick back when he was a teenager, and she turned him down in the most brutal way possible?

  10. tjic says:

    "You're too old, fat man... And you, you are too fucking... *blonde*!"

  11. jabber says:

    Well, he IS the "headmaster". This falls squarely within his jurisdiction.

  12. ninjarat says:

    What's unnatural about hydrogen peroxide?


  13. terpsichoros says:

    What's the problem? They've already dyed their roots brown.

  14. All the things you said (all the things you said)
    running through my head (running through my head)