The bathroom attendant...

...just said, "welcome back". That's creepy. This man is paying too much attention to my urinary function.

23 Responses:

  1. saltdawg says:

    it sucks getting old.

  2. feren says:

    In other news, I take it you're hosting another hip-hop show, eh?

  3. chuck_lw says:

    Write down everything, make him out to be a stalker (one that doesn't have to follow you, in this case), revamp it all into a screenplay, and send it to Hollywood.

  4. bitterjesus says:

    Maybe you need to get your kidneys checked.

  5. stiobhan says:

    So you'll have to drink more to keep from firing him?

  6. 5beroptic says:

    At least the Koreans at your local store don't question your dog bones, as if they were some fetish contraption.

    *shakes head*

    "So, you have a cat and a little dog"
    *scan'z bones*
    Me: "He's a big cat"

    Koreans: "ohhhhhhh"

    What is this world coming to???

  7. I was, obviously, thinking about it tonight.

    I'm not sure it's worth tag-prevention.

    Is it?

  8. fa_jing says:

    Is the attendant's name Cha Cha?

  9. Have to say, bathroom attendants sound creepy enough!

  10. rbradakis says:

    Okay, maybe it's weird, but to me, that's amusing.

  11. gryazi says:

    Now you just need a sink at waist level and a slice of white bread to dry off with.

  12. pdx6 says:

    After the third visit, you get all the breath mints you want for free.

  13. loosechanj says:

    Are you supposed to tip those guys?