DNA Lounge: Wherein Real tunes into Fail.

The RealVideo version of the webcast has been down for a couple of days, because the folks who have been generously providing RealVideo hosting for us for free for all these years just upgraded their end to Helix 11.1, and apparently it doesn't like talking to RealProducer 8.5. I downloaded the Linux version of RealProducer Basic 11.1, but all the command-line arguments have changed, and so far I can't make it go.

Anyone know how to use this thing?

I wonder if anyone is actually watching the Real stream any more, now that there's a Flash version via Justin.tv. I think the Real version is better quality, but it's certainly less convenient. (I don't have access to any server logs that could answer this question for me.)


RSS 2.0 question

Let's say you have an RSS feed and some consumers of it would prefer full entries of text/html content, but some would prefer full entries of text/plain content. Is the thing to do to put the text/plain in <description> and the text/html in <content:encoded>? Or will that cause some consumers to "accidentally" display the text/plain when they should be displaying the text/html?

Or should the two fields be <content> and <content:encoded> instead? (Does <content> even exist?) All the documentation says <description> should be an abbreviated summary, but I see nothing that talks about how to achieve that which MIME calls multipart/alternative.

(Just trusting the text/plain consumers to strip the tags out of the HTML to display it is suboptimal; the two versions should be formatted slightly differently to be most readable.)

Update: Ok, I changed the feed to contain both text/plain and text/html versions. Please try that in your favorite feed reader, and let me know if it screws up. A screw-up would be: it's showing you plain text when it could be showing you HTML.

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mixtape 062

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 062. Two of the songs on this mixtape steal shamelessly from other songs. Can you spot them? Also, some robots.
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You stay classy, USPS.

Thanks, USPS, I wasn't particularly interested in
reading the last few pages of those comics anyway.
But the plastic bag you put it in sure did help.


Childhood tentacle abuse is no laughing matter.

Higher resolution, in case you
couldn't quite make out the hairs.

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The Muppets of Burlesque

"Anastasia Von Teaserhausen as the Swedish Chef hand-crafted a giant hamburger consisting of the various meats and cheeses that made up her skirt (plus the heads of lettuce she wore as a bra).
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today in napping technology

Phat Knits

Previously, previously, previously.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we can count to 600.

On Sunday we had twenty-seven bands play here, from noon until midnight. That's definitely a record. And, as it turns out, one of those bands -- the third one, Emilia's Rose -- is the 600th band to play at DNA Lounge since we re-opened in 2001! That's somewhat approximate, of course, since it's based on what's on our calendar, and there are sometimes last-minute lineup changes that I don't know about. And we quibble about the distinction between "band" and "dj". But hey, 600 bands, that's kind of a lot.

I didn't realize this before the show because I didn't actually get the lineup of the bands who would be playing until halfway through the event...

It was also our youngest event to date: something like 87% of the people who attended were under 21. (We track this by counting the wristbands we give to drinkers, so it is also somewhat approximate.)


nice bank shot!

Scene missing! A video in this post has disappeared. If you know of an accessible version of this video, please mail me so that I can update this post.
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It is 1pm.
The temperature is 43.7 degrees.
I object in the strongest possible terms.

Yes, I know many of you are in colder places.
And it's up hill both ways.
Thanks, that's a really good story.

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