It is 1pm.
The temperature is 43.7 degrees.
I object in the strongest possible terms.

Yes, I know many of you are in colder places.
And it's up hill both ways.
Thanks, that's a really good story.

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65 Responses:

  1. rapier1 says:

    Right now that sounds delightfully warm.
    But then again, I'm still in Hell...

  2. unab0mber says:

    Kiev reporting, 28F here

  3. vomitrocity says:

    12F here.
    Yesterday was 9F.

    And that's uphill both ways barefoot, to you, mister.

    • wdr1 says:

      this is why i'm in favor of global warming.

      to help the rest of you out, i'm going to go turn on the AC in the living room & the heater in the bedroom.

      who wins? that's the best part, we ALL do!

      no, no, you can thank me later.

  4. gargargar says:

    The temperature on Mercury at midday today is approximately 700K.

    Do not go to Mercury. You will die.

  5. pavel_lishin says:

    Hell, there's ice on the roads in Texas. These are truly the end times.

    Also, what will San Franciscoids do if your god-forsaken hills ice over?

  6. g_na says:

    Not only that, it was 39F here at 6am. And it's not even winter yet.

    I thought this was global *warming*.

  7. httf says:

    "According to reports the snow was white, fluffy, and cold to the touch."

    They were expecting rainbow snow?

    • kimberley66 says:

      or yellow for that matter. . .

    • unwoman says:

      I assume that was a joke about how weird it is to see snow here. Like someone describing snow after seeing/touching it for the first time.

    • jwz says:

      As I remember it, snow is dark gray or black, and not at all fluffy.

      • scullin says:

        All the colors of the rainbow, really.

      • pallmalls says:

        Pittsburgh snow is no longer as grimy and disgusting as you remember it. I'm not sure why, but in recent years, it's become almost pleasant. Maybe it's because we've been having mild enough winters that every individual snowfall doesn't stay on the ground long enough to get nasty. Every year, though, everyone magically forgets how to drive in it.

        • beschizza says:

          Just moved to Pittsburgh 18 months ago. We just had snow this afternoon, and it's the fluffiest snow I ever saw. Strangely fluffy.

          We were told this city would be gloomy, but it's not been that bad. Quite nice, in fact: two long hot summers and nowhere near as much rain as the locals continually, endlessly imagine.

          • rapier1 says:

            The past couple years have been better than normal. Usually the cloud cover moves in sometime in October and stays until March. The winters have also been pretty mild - I don't even think we've had the typical 'week of high temps in the single digits' thing. But really, 18 months doesn't give you a whole lot of insight into Pittsburgh weather.

          • jesus_x says:

            Born and raised there, I love the city. I'm moving away from west PA altogether shortly, but I'll always love Pgh.

  8. pixiecup says:

    it is 1F here right now. you may not care, but it's sucks and deserves to be typed.

  9. starjewel says:

    I live in the South Bay... my landlord is *still* running the sprinklers. He didn't believe me when I said the stairs froze over. Even though it happens every winter and I bitch every winter. Why do folks think California is magically warm all year round?

    • elusis says:

      It's the only way to live with the fact that all the houses are unheated and uninsulated. If somene acknowledged that it got cold here, we'd have a major human rights crisis.

      • phreddiva says:

        I live in the Bay Area, and my house is both very well insulated and also heated. But, my house was built before the 1950's, when I think Everything Was Perfect And It Never Got Too Cold or Too Warm.

    • belgand says:

      Because they all think that the entire state is composed of nothing but Southern California. They just assume that everyone lives in LA near the beach and it's always warm and sunny. Odd since we were around first, but that's the popular perception. We might as well be a different state. We practically are already.

  10. tjcrowley says:

    There's a three alarm fire next door to me. It's toasty warm in Nob Hill.

  11. sir_bissel says:

    I miss snow :( Farking Louisiana.

    • mmqc_stl says:

      didn't NOLA just get snow??

      • boonedog says:

        They did. And it's not that freaky. We got stuck for a couple days in Chicago in 2004 when our flight to New Orleans was canceled not because of Chicago snow but N'awlins snow! That was weird. But we kind of liked Chicago better anyway.

      • starjewel says:

        Don't ever say the words "I miss snow". Everytime I wish for weather, it happens tenfold. I've caused a flood and a blizzard in Pennsylvania just by visiting. Next thing you know, it'll be snowing in San Jose...

      • sir_bissel says:

        Yeah, and it melted that day, so I guess I can't complain too much. But I grew up in Michigan :)

  12. ultranurd says:

    I love winter, and I am sad that we have not yet had proper snow in Boston yet.

    • cfs_calif says:

      Per your request, Aperture Science shall open a time-space vortex to let the blizzard of '76 steamroll (snowroll? freezingrickroll?) over you.

  13. kimberley66 says:

    I'm right there with you on the cold. Once it starts raining, the cloud cover will help things warm up a tad. . .

  14. vordark says:

    This was my exact reaction on the one occasion I visited San Diego a few years ago. Everyone told me the weather was always heavenly. I was there for four days. The temperature didn't get above 50 and it rained for three of the four days. I just assumed I brought the weather with me from New England.

    • ammonoid says:

      People told me that too when I moved here.

      First it was miserably hot, then it was ok for about a week, now its rainy. H8SD.

  15. loosechanj says:

    So, are we back to the coming ice age or what here.

  16. asjo says:

    We had an earthquake in Copenhagen. Snow in San Francisco. Up is down and down is up.

  17. chromal says:

    Pfft, it was -15'F in Denver the other day. 43.7'F is balmy in comparison. :P

  18. perligata says:

    I hope it stays this cold until April.

  19. macguyver says:

    It's not too late to move to LA.

  20. phreddiva says:

    The stock response is "I know many of you are in colder places. Fucking suckers. That's why I live in San Francisco."

    • belgand says:

      Yeah, but they get their revenge when summer comes around and it's freezing cold and the fog is so thick we don't see the sun all week.

      It might not seem so bad in the winter, but 60 F in the summer is just a cruel joke.

      • phreddiva says:

        Well, apparently people who live in San Francisco like that kind of thing.

        I love the sun, which I why I live in the East Bay. ;)

  21. Remember: this is the flip side of those streaks of super-hot summers that you love so much.

    Also, I am coping by pretending I'm living in Vancouver!

    • infamousbat says:

      Remember: this is the flip side of those streaks of super-hot summers that you love so much.

      Exactly. I was just saying that earlier. Should've known a nice hot summer meant punishment later. *shakes fist at thuh gods*

    • belgand says:

      By super-hot I assume you mean 70 degrees? That seems to be the time that I start hearing people bitch that it's unbearably hot. When it actually starts getting vaguely pleasant outside and warm enough that I get to take off my summer coat.

  22. mysterc says:

    Thats some BullS**t. I am coming home to get away from that shi*! Call me when the cold snap means its 59 degrees for 3 days in a row again.

  23. boonedog says:

    So, that is snow. For a second there I thought it was penguin puke.
    Those photos make me miss living in S.F.
    Oh oh - and it's a lot colder here and uh, I had to walk to school fifty miles in bare feet, uphill both ways, while supporting my whole family and rounding up all the cattle because all the menfolk were at war ...

  24. marapfhile says:

    gore in town?

  25. mcity says:

    I live in the Bahamas. It's maaaybe seventy degrees down here.


  26. luserspaz says:

    We are experiencing bizzarro weather here in eastern Pennsylvania. It was 60F on monday. Then, on Tuesday, we got a few inches of snow and some freezing rain.