nice bank shot!

Scene missing! A video that used to be embedded in this post has disappeared. If you know of a copy of this video that is still accessible, please mail me so that I can update the link.
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  1. gordonzola says:

    wow. I was gonna comment on bad driving but clearly there's some nasty ice going on there. the car going sideways with the brake lights on was incredible!

  2. latemodel says:

    I just knew that was going to be Portland...

    Steer into the skid, people. Start, and stay, in high gear.

    • encapsulate says:

      This is why I stayed indoors (in Portland) all day yesterday and the day before.

      I can drive on the stuff, but everyone else on the road scares me.

      • 33mhz says:

        I stayed indoors as well, because I know perfectly well that I can't drive on ice and I didn't want to end up on youtube.

        • encapsulate says:

          Hah! I use that excuse when I'm asked why I don't carry any tools with me to job sites.

          "I'm a danger to myself and others, and I'm likely to end up the next big viral video."

    • mark242 says:

      At such a low speed, forget it, you're screwed. There is no grip to be found on that street. Even the most advanced traction control system is going to be overwhelmed by that ice.

      • zuvembi says:

        This is why I finally broken down and ordered some studded tires for my bike. I'll throw them on one of my secondary bikes so I don't have to dick around with changing tires while I'm groggy in the morning.

        I live in Seattle, so I'll only use them rarely. But every year there's a couple days where I wish I'd ordered them.

    • keimel says:

      Stay in high gear if you're standard. Stay in low gear if you're auto.


      • latemodel says:

        Well, yes. You lose a lot of your fine control when you drive an automatic.

        It's been a long time since I've had a car, or had to think about snow.

    • whohou says:

      - Kitty litter will save your day.

    • maxvt says:

      I've read somewhere that with regular tires on ice (not chains/studded), a 5% incline is enough to render brakes ineffective -- the friction is so low the gravity just takes over... if you stop braking you can steer a bit, but then you'll be accelerating rapidly, which is even worse. With all the noises, I doubt there was much (if any) damage from those 2-3mph "bank shots".

  3. nwilhelmy says:

    I just moved to Olympia, WA from Wisconsin, and on Sunday there was a very light snowfall, something that would be completely negligible back home. The very little time that I spent outside that day, however, made it clear that people in this area have absolutely no idea how to drive in the snow.

    If I had watched that video two weeks ago, I would have been shocked. Watching it after Sunday, however, it makes perfect sense.


    • fo0bar says:

      What part of Wisconsin? Granted it's a bigass state... but I was born and raised 18 years in Green Bay, where if there's more than 36 inches of fresh snow, you break out the snowmobile to drive to the Packers game. A state where many fishermen's days begin with driving out ONTO the lake, etc.

      I will say, your average northeast Wisconsinite would probably not do well in the conditions in that video, because hills simply do not exist there.

  4. morrisa says:

    That needs to be remixed with sound effects and a laugh track.

  5. fengi says:

    Did that first car actually try accelerating? I mean, I can understand how iced roads can seem deceptively safe, but it seemed like some of those cars kept trying to drive despite it being time to get out of the car and push.

    • drbrain says:

      You underestimate the levels of snow-driving incompetence we can come up with in the NW. People will even avoid clear, ice-free routes that are jammed with traffic for "faster" fully-iced routes.

    • elusis says:

      When the car is still sliding, it is definitely NOT time to get out of the car and push. If you can get even a bit of traction, you can at least try to drive out of the direction of the slide. Which ultimately is only useful if you can point your car somewhere that it CAN get traction, but at any rate giving a bit of gas is far more sensible than stomping on the brakes which only makes the sliding worse.

    • cuneiforms says:

      A person getting out of their car to push it on ice is a person with a death wish.

    • nvrlnd says:

      Seemed to me like that one accelerating car near the beginning had their throttle broken or something on the first impact... the throttle sounds pretty pegged and stays that way until it hits two more cars and a wall, at which point the engine dies. Alternative B is -

      :hits first car:
      "oh shit oh shit oh shit!"
      :slams on gas to do a hit-n-run, careens into second car:
      "oh doubleshit oh doubleshit!"

      ad infiniam, ad nauseam.

  6. vomitrocity says:

    It wouldn't play at all, so I had to go to youtube and go through the hassle of making an account because for some reason it's tagged 18+.

    And isn't this the same video that's been around for a few years now?
    With that woman screaming "You guys! I've got three little children in the back of my car! Can you help me get them out?"
    I was waiting for it before I heard it.

  7. elusis says:

    Ah yes, I believe that vid was popular in Denver a couple of winters ago when we had blizzards seven weekends running. :(

  8. squirrelonlj says:

    This reminds me of a time when I saw a car driving in reverse. Not just backing up, actually driving to a destination at full speed. And they were doing pretty darn well.

    It was perfect weather, though.

  9. kevinspencer says:

    Vid was awesome. Even awesomer, your choice of Duran Duran choon. The original on Rio was good but the remix on Night Versions was even better.

  10. Okaaaaaaaaay, NOW I am grateful to be here. That shit is terrifying.

  11. mcfnord says:

    we re-watch this clip every year, like The Wizard of Oz.

  12. marcus132 says:

    This is why I don't let Jamiroquai drive my car.

  13. A news report incorporating this video plus a little more is here:

  14. pozorvlak says:

    You guys don't have gritters over there, huh?

  15. pphaneuf says:

    Mistake number one: stepping into the car. Especially if you don't have winter tires (which I doubt, in Portland), or at least all seasons. And, really, in a steep hill, sheesh, they really deserved what they got (those who set their cars in movement, I'm sorry for the people who randomly got rammed by idiots).

  16. skreidle says:

    Different icy hill, no collisions (remarkably), already BennyHillified:

  17. That's not a native Washingtonian, We know to stay off the road when it snows.

  18. Ah, the Disney classic - "Idiots Driving on Ice"