mixtape 060

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 060.
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  1. amaranthyne says:

    you are the only other person I know who listens to Les Jumeaux


  2. You know, after listening to this a few times I noticed that I enjoyed the first four tracks immensely (ESPECIALLY the first two!).....but then, each time thorough, my attention drifted off and didn't return till Santogold.

    Whatever. So that's only about MY tastes. But I did get inspiration by that great Ladyhawke track out of it, and am now happily listening to the rest of her stuff. Yay!

  3. bitwise says:

    "Drinking Progress" by NOBOT.

    It's good. Quite fun to see them perform live, too.

  4. artistbyday says:

    I've been listening to and enjoying most of these mixtapes for awhile now; I appreciate you creating and putting them out there. I really like the Ladyhawke track on this one.