Jabber fail

Has anyone else found that for the last week or so, Adium (1.3.2), when logged in to the Livejournal Jabber server, is unable to communicate with people on Google Chat? There are no error messages in the window, but text typed on either end fails to arrive.

I have found this. And I find it annoying.

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  1. And let's face it: our communication doesn't NEED any hindrance, as it is!

    So. freaking. annoying.

  2. drkscrtlv says:

    Hm, I'm running Adium 1.3.2, am logged in to LJ Jabber by default, and just chatted with someone via GTalk today. I can't verify that no messages were lost, but it seemed like a complete conversation to me.

  3. jope says:

    That coincides with the move of the LJ servers, yes?

    • jwz says:

      It was working (LJ ←→ Google) for at least a few days after the move.

      I can talk to people using the LJ server fine, for what that's worth.

      • jope says:

        There's a fair bit that could have shaken loose in the immediate aftermath of a big move like that.

        My best guess is that it involves the IP addresses having changed but that, whoops, the wrong new addresses were initially posted for adding to whitelists. Someone at Google would have to respond on whether they're using any white/blacklists for chat.

        I'm seeing similar funkiness between the two services though. Messages are getting through both ways, but LJ-to-Google there is a warning that the Google account may not be connected.

  4. node says:

    I did a little more testing, and it turns out to be a problem at LJ's end. I tried messaging my LJ userid from another jabber server, and my messages got through. However, like with Google, the reply from LJ disappears somewhere.

  5. curlyeric says:

    Don't use jabber that much... I did notice that a severed internet will sometimes drive Adium into a CPU loop of sorts. Really annoying.

  6. jabber says:

    There's only SO MUCH I can do, you know.

  7. pw201 says:

    Yes. I'm pretty sure it was happening before the LJ server move. Presence information is OK, but messages get lost.

  8. nyquil.org says:

    It appears that Google has disabled federation. I am unable to communicate between any Gtalk/non-Gtalk jabber accounts.