I, for one, welcome our new Elizabethan Stormtrooper overlords to the runway

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  1. gths says:

    "You look like a bird that's swallowed a plate."

  2. injector says:

    I'm trying to figure out if that is one or four different models.

  3. idle_82 says:

    I wish she had a storm trooper helmet on

  4. abates says:

    How does one eat while wearing the outfit second down on the left?

    Perhaps a beer hat with liquefied food in it?

  5. spoonyfork says:

    Shut down all the trash compactors on the detention level... of my heart!

  6. Wow. Fashion is so amazingly cool and so not a total waste of human time and money. AWESOME.

    Plus it's amazing how they can keep coming up with fucking stupid ...unique ideas.

  7. boldra says:

    My first thought for number 3 was a Sontaran,

    but now I think she looks more like Man-at-arms from He-Man:

  8. editer says:

    Would someone please send a big plate of food to the models' dressing room?

  9. latemodel says:

    I love couture.Also, please note that boyfriend a goth.I think I have those pants.

  10. ctd says:

    I wonder if BMOrg will sue over the third one?

  11. ghosthacked says:


    "I've got a strong feeling the Tudor look is going to come back while we're away."

    Holy crap he was right.

  12. vxo says:

    At first, I found myself wondering if the outfit could transform. Like, you flop over that structure of many pleats and folds, and it becomes the other form...

    I, for one, welcome our new living Transformer masters.

  13. ladykalessia says:

    And now I can't look at them without imaginary discordant accordion notes playing in my head.


  14. kimberley66 says:

    hm. . this my prove useful to me ;~) . .because my younger brother has decided is 40th birthday party in April will have a Star Wars theme.

  15. belgand says:

    When will they just admit that this isn't actually clothing or fashion, but some sort of sculpture or performance art. It will still be laughable, but at least they'll have slightly more justification behind it. Right now there's just no point in even making these things.

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