I don't understand

Someone gave money to the guy with the bagpipes, but he didn't stop.
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22 Responses:

  1. carbonunit says:

    Bagpipers are like trolls. Best not to feed 'em.

  2. bdu says:

    Sometimes bribes require explicit instructions for the particularly clueless.

  3. zotz says:

    Sounds like you should be glad you don't live in Edinburgh.

    • skington says:

      Our dog Berkeley likes to sing along (i.e. howl) to fire engines and bagpipers. I have occasionally pondered taking the train from Glasgow to Edinburgh and walking him up and down Princes Street and the Royal Mile.

  4. gwynjudd says:

    Why would you want the guy with the bagpipes to stop?

  5. The bagpiper on Market St. today, or is there another? I hope it's not the beginning of an invasion force.

    two buildings over, 4 stories up, and around the corner, I could still here that fucker all the way through a long, long meeting.

  6. You should firmly squeeze their sack. Then they make stranger noises.

  7. kfringe says:

    Use a crowbar.

  8. spike says:

    Hey- watch it buddy -- my sister blows bag.

  9. cetan says:

    I was reminded of "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe."

    A thin whine filled the air. It whirled and howled through the trees upsetting the squirrels. A few birds flew off in disgust. The noise danced and skittered round the clearing. It whooped, it rasped, it generally offended.
    The talking gradually died away and the clearing fell silent, except for the bagpiper who seemed to be in some wild and uninhabitable musical world of his own. A few of those in his immediate vicinity threw some leaves to him. If there was any reason for this then it escaped Ford Prefect for the moment.

  10. jspence says:

    I'd like to point out

  11. morrisa says:

    Riddle: If you throw a bagpipe, a banjo, and an accordion off the top of the Empire State Building at exactly the same moment, which of the instruments will hit the ground first?

    Answer: WHO CARES! DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!

  12. zoratu says:

    did you notice how his neck looks like something from aliens is going to pop out of it at any moment, every time he takes a breath? it's like mr. fantastic and a bullfrog in heat made babies.