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  1. discogravy says:

    but how else will the robots make children for us?

  2. ultranurd says:

    They look like us, now.

  3. injector says:

    He just needs to load the 3D plans for each of the parts which goes into the hexapod CNC robot and have it start carving out it's own pieces instead of little human faces. A little slower than self-assembling nano machines, but a start.

  4. lionsphil says:

    World's most overengineered CAD/CAM system.

    Also, serious Runaway vibes from the little critter.

  5. gchpaco says:

    Those legs are awesome. Insectoid replicators FTW.

  6. nightrider says:

    Thanks in advance for the horrid robot dentist nightmares I'll be having tonight.

    The audio on that clip was totally unnecessary.

    ow, my feeble brain.

  7. mutiny says:

    The guy who build this is extremely clever.

    Mad scientist clever.

    "Must be stopped" clever.

  8. strspn says:

    Around 1:34 I was hoping an auxiliary arm would unfold and it would pick up a chisel.

  9. luserspaz says:

    I'm envisioning a 100-foot tall one of these marching along carving out clones of mount rushmore in random hillsides.

  10. ilcylic says:

    Needs suction cup feet to maintain setup rigidity. Other than that, kinda nifty.

  11. mcity says:

    If you squint a little, the light on top looks like a red eye, sweeping from side to side. Searching. Always searching.

  12. ruhrguide says:

    tonight's nightmare featuring dent-o-bots crawling on my face

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