dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein we  REDACTED .

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  1. porphyre says:

    Aw. I should have given you a hug when I was there, even though we're strangers, because damn. I know what that sort of litigous hell can be like, and it's the least fun experience possible that's still legal.

  2. chromebishop says:

    It really should not be that hard. I mean, you are providing a service to the people of the bay area. Its pretty basic. Theres not much to it that needs explaining. I understand the lawsuit thing. There are grubbers who will swing for whatever they can get. Hopefully, their suit is laughed out of court. but its a shame that there is so much Challenge to what you are trying to do. a damn shame. i can only hope that frivolous lawsuits will get tossed and you can continue doing what you do. (quite a lot of whiskey was consumed before this reply so please forgive me if I make no sense whatsoever)(yeah. reading it over, im quit torn whether i should POST or DELETE....)Sorry, posting....

  3. joel says:

    Without putting much thought into the idea, it seems to me that this is the sort of thing you could post encrypted, and then publish the key for after it's all over?

  4. greatevil says:

    The lawsuit thing is easy. If you are suing for X your lawyer if they are any good will name urxyz because you can't really add more people to sue after you get rolling or sue one person and then the next.

    Nothing sane about it, just how they play their litigious games.

  5. radparker says:

    Gah, that sucks about the lawsuits.

  6. unwoman says:

    I feel for ya. :(

    • icis_machine says:

      word. i take this as a recommendation to stay out of the nightclub game.

      and i have a guess at which event was listed as "gross", but i won a helmet that night.

  7. el_olvidado says:

    for what its worth. dna has some of my best memories of the pathetic thing we call 2008. thanks for making it happen.

  8. kaishaku says:

    Re: the ear thing and the flimsy-sounding explanation -- does that mean he misbehaved towards the staff and the DNA is actually a much rougher place than I could have ever imagined?

  9. ammonoid says:

    Wow that sucks that you guys are getting sued that much. :(

    Happy new year.

  10. charles says:

    Insurance companies are basically made from distilled evil.

    An old employer of mine was sued and, having diligently paid its professional indemnity premiums for all the years of its existence, referred the problem to its insurer. The insurance company's response was "You're covered if you win. If you lose, better get used to grabbing hold of your ankles. Oh and we'll supply you with one of our lawyers, but he's really representing our interests, not yours, so you'd better hire one yourself too."

    • strspn says:

      Now that AIG and the other belly-up insurers are wrapped in the TARP, they are made of evil distilled from your taxes.

  11. mysterc says:

    damn. I mean really? Damn.

    BTW, I still have copies of my incident reports if you need them.

  12. Some of that stuff makes me wonder if you still think buying the place was a good idea.

  13. jesus_x says:

    Yo dawg, I heard you like [redacted], so we [redacted] in your [redacted] so you can [redacted] while you [redacted].