Childhood tentacle abuse is no laughing matter.

Higher resolution, in case you
couldn't quite make out the hairs.

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21 Responses:

  1. fengi says:

    For a moment I thought this was a public service at from some sort of ARG, but I'm guessing it's sincere.

    Um. No.

  2. chuck_lw says:

    Now I'm imagining a tentacled version of...

  3. belgand says:

    Intending that to be a serious PSA is just plain creepy and odd. I kept waiting for it to be a joke about the aforementioned tentacle rape. That would have been funny.

  4. Uh.

    My stomach literally may not stop turning for the next hour.

  5. stiobhan says:

    Yow. That certainly gets the point across.

  6. pygmalion says:

    Creepy and gross and the best representation of someone living with with this kind of trauma I have ever seen.

  7. flipzagging says:

    It's like some tentacle rape photoshop artist was sentenced to community service, and this was the result.

  8. That feels wrong all the way back into a very old part of my primate brain. I now have a strange urge to learn how to make spears.

  9. cattycritic says:

    Imagine that you have that disgusting nasty feeling every time someone touches you, talks about sex, or tries to be sexual with you, even someone you love. Then imagine that everyone can see that thing crawling around on you - i.e. you feel like your "shame" is evident to everyone even though in reality it's neither your shame nor evident. That's what being a sexual abuse survivor can feel like.

    It's possible a tentacle rape fetishist animated that video. I'd say it's more likely a survivor did. Or maybe someone who's both.

  10. revglenn says:

    completely disturbing and foul. i don't know what that kind of abuse feels like, but i imagine that this video is a pretty good representation.
    and the hairs were just the last sickening touch. my stomach is turning, which is not an easy feat to accomplish.

  11. mcity says:

    This wouldn't be half as horrifying if the tentacles weren't flesh-colored.

  12. Creators of this video want us to thing that the only thing that happens to these children is their "suffering" through their lives, like, really, peoples' brains do not have quite efficient evolutionary evolved devices to suppress unwelcome memories and thoughts. Just imagine what experiences a caveman child had - and lived and fornicated despite of. While on the other hand it is widely known that paedophilia victims often grow up to be paedophils themselves. Like, the archetype of sexual relationship is imprinted and reproduced and stuff like that. Which was perfectly acceptable in a caveman society, but is absolutely unacceptable in a civilized one. So I think that all sexually abused children should be killed.