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Why is there no Unicode character for "i dotted with a heart"? This is an even bigger oversight than there being no coding for the Glyph Formerly Known As.*

* Yes I am aware of the Apr 1 prank.

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9 Responses:

  1. Yeah, the decomposed COMBINING HEART ABOVE would definitely be more in keeping with the unicode philosophy, unless you can find a precomposed version in some legacy character set. I think there needs to be a COMBINING HAPPY FACE ABOVE as well.

  2. ciphergoth says:

    We also need a Unicode encoding for the remaining characters from the 64-character alphabet in the Invisibles...

  3. strangehours says:

    we also need a glyph for "combining sparkles". target uses being twilight fanfic and myspace profiles.

  4. spike says:

    Agreed. If we are going to have THNAD, SPAZZ, and FLOOB, then we definitely should get to have i-dotted-with-a- heart, star, smiley, or cyborg.

  5. romulusnr says:

    If there's going to be support for i-dotted-heart, there needs to be support for its intermediary waning version, i-dotted-circle.

  6. This would inevitably lead to an unholy alliance of i-dotted-heart and emoticons, yielding alternative typefaces with god knows what hovering over the i.