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RSS 2.0 question

Let's say you have an RSS feed and some consumers of it would prefer full entries of text/html content, but some would prefer full entries of text/plain content. Is the thing to do to put the text/plain in <description> and the text/html in <content:encoded>? Or will that cause some consumers to "accidentally" display the text/plain when they should be displaying the text/html?

Or should the two fields be <content> and <content:encoded> instead? (Does <content> even exist?) All the documentation says <description> should be an abbreviated summary, but I see nothing that talks about how to achieve that which MIME calls multipart/alternative.

(Just trusting the text/plain consumers to strip the tags out of the HTML to display it is suboptimal; the two versions should be formatted slightly differently to be most readable.)

Update: Ok, I changed the feed to contain both text/plain and text/html versions. Please try that in your favorite feed reader, and let me know if it screws up. A screw-up would be: it's showing you plain text when it could be showing you HTML.

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