Your Honor, we object...

...on the grounds that Asshole Godzilla is an awesome name for a band.

This month, Toho ordered Arizona rock band Asshole Godzilla to forfeit its internet domain and stop using Godzilla in its name. "We gotta change the name of our band, because we're so scary hard that Godzilla and the people surrounding Godzilla want nothing to do with us," lead vocalist Nick Danger writes on, which is being shuttered.

Toho was only the second lawsuit against Netscape that was my fault! Oh, the good old days...

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6 Responses:

  1. gible says:

    I'm so glad. The domain parking stuff looks soo much better (I assume).


  2. dsgood says:

    There was a folksinger who used the name Donald Duck till Disney complained. He changed it to Duck Donald.

    Johnny Cash apparently didn't have a problem with Johnny Paycheck.

    Some band names which seem not to have had legal problems: The Undead Kennedy's. The Dead Milkmen. The Grateful Undead. The Ungrateful Dead.

  3. adaptively says:

    I wonder if they'll go after Bongzilla next...

  4. option12 says:

    What was the first!?

  5. skyhawk92e says:

    I wonder if "Nick Danger" is an intentional reference...