True Blood

Extended True Blood title sequence.
Which is nice.
Shame about the show, though.

Update: Video deleted, another copy is here. The song is "Rad Times Express" by RTX.

Scene missing! A video that used to be embedded in this post has disappeared. If you know of a copy of this video that is still accessible, please mail me so that I can update the link.
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16 Responses:

  1. alisgray says:

    I follow you. And I recommend to you the new Swedish vampire flick Let The Right One In. Forgive my ignorance, whose music is featured in this?

    • endquote says:

      Seconded on the movie recommendation.

      I like True Blood, but I recognize that it's in a so-bad-it's-good kind of way. I'll watch pretty much anything vampy.

  2. poon says:

    so much potential, so much FAIL. How can you screw up *vampires*?

  3. marapfhile says:

    i gotta give them props for the whole pentacostals=strippers bit tho. to put it in dogma terms, the holy spirit is just another way to get filled.

  4. dougo says:

    Am I the only one who likes this show? I don't really understand why everyone hates it.

    And, I always skip past the title sequence.

    • poly_scott says:

      No, you are not alone. True Blood is awesome. The books are awesome. People who trash it should either produce something as good, or at least as successful, or should STFU...

      • giles says:

        That's a pretty brutal standard to live by.

        Someone recently showed me a charming video called "Freaxxx" by a small musical collective who I believe call themselves Brokencyde. Now by some accounts this video might actually be violating the Geneva Convention... but I guess I can't say anything else since I'm not in possession of the requisite Range Rovers and bitchaz to construct my own video.

        Maybe we can all come together and hate Twilight instead. I mean it doesn't even have knockers, right?

    • xoruglm says:

      I've enjoyed the show a great deal. I think the trashiness is just the outermost layer. Like Joss Whedon's work, True Blood almost begs people to dismiss it as pulpy genre.

      I have no interest in vampires outside these two shows (although I did enjoy Let The Right One In) - they're just another vehicle for storytelling, as far as I'm concerned. I turned my nose up at Buffy for ages before I finally got into it. Back then, vampires were a little too cheesy and implausible to be frightening or interesting to me - I was much more of a sci-fi fan.

      I'm not sure where all the hating is coming from, either. Maybe it's an easy target?

  5. violentbloom says:

    yeah if only they'd based it on a better trashy vampire novel. Though I guess with most of the rest its all really porn porn multiple orgy with vampire werewovles and fairies porn. So they also suck. Twilight which I liked clearly had the movie offer, which looks AWFUL.

  6. pana_cea says:

    True Blood Main Title Sequence
    Client: HBO

    DK Credits:
    Creative Directors: Matt Mulder, Rama Allen. Live Action Direction: Rama Allen, Morgan Henry, Matthew Mulder, Matt Clark, Tevor Fife; Designers: Rama Allen, Shawn Fedorchuck, Ryan Gagnier, Matthew Mulder, Camm Rowland, Ryan Rothermel, Jacques Broquard; Compositor: Ryan Gagnier; Editor: Shawn Fedorchuck; Producers: Morgan Henry, Kipp Christiansen, Keir Moreano; ECD Paul Mattheaus; EP: Mark Bayshore