this year's cartograms


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  1. buz says:

    Sheesh - Don't I even get some gank credit?

  2. latemodel says:

    Thanks for posting it. I had already found that, but I was too lazy to actually post about it.

    Any good reason you used the trilinear-color-scale version?

  3. infrogmation says:

    Hm. I see blue New Orleans (79.3% for Obama). We've been described as a blueberry in a bowl of strawberries. Looks like Atlanta is a bigger blueberry now.

  4. ultranurd says:

    It looks kind of like those false-color pictures of a clogged artery.

  5. latemodel says:

    I looked a little closer, and he has some problems. His numbers must still be "provisional", because Kings County, NY is showing red. As in, McCain.

    There are not that many orthodox in Brooklyn. Also, other outlets show it going 79-20 for Obama, bluer than neighboring Queens County (74-25).

    Also, he's using 2000 Census data for populations. I know it comes in a nice, easy-to-read format... but 9 years does change things a little. NOLA's population has nearly been halved in that time, and the housing boom has certainly shifted some people around.

  6. hadlock says:

    Hey! I can see my house from here! That big blue dot about a third of the way from the left, and half way down is Dallas! It's much more bright blue brother to the SW is Austin! There was speculation Tarrant County (Fort Worth) might vote blue for the first time since Carter.

  7. four says:

    the disease has recessed a bit.

  8. It's like a bloodclot of shitness right over the whole countrty

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