The Breeders

Hey Dude, the band isn't interrupting your conversation, are they? I know they're kinda loud, but we could ask them to keep it down.

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  1. xrayspx says:

    The only thing I hate as much as people who sing along is people who talk about anything else during the show. I've seen performers eject people in small clubs who are chatting rather than watching, though I'd pay cash money to see Kim Deal just smash someone with a guitar.

    But, you saw the Breeders. They were perfect when I saw them earlier this year, and Kelly was really kind of shredding. How was the show?

  2. revglenn says:

    this post brings 2 stories to mind:

    the first being the time we played with Faith And Disease in San Jose. they actually stopped their show in mid song to yell at people for talking. i'm not talking about people having loud conversations at the front of the stage, but people at tables and the bar and whatnot. at one point in the angry rant the singer actually said "if you want to talk go to a different club". say what you want about people talking during shows, but that really did piss off most of the audience.

    the second being the time we played at the pound with Love Spirals Downward. or maybe at the time they were just going by LoveSpirals.... i don't remember. anyway, during their sound check they asked to be turned down, which caused everyone in the building to do a double-take and stare at the stage in wonder. then all the metal heads who ran the place dropped their jaws to the floor when the singer followed that request with "that's a little too rocking for us. we don't rock, we sort of..... sway".

    • jwz says:

      It's one thing if people are being loud at the back or at the bar, but standing up front and loudly ignoring the band (while -- bonus! -- also blocking the view of the people behind you!) is just extra special rude.

      Dear people who do that, please stop.

      • violentbloom says:

        yeah that happened at the show we went to last week. Two guys were have a really loud conversation and someone told them to pipe down and I thought they were going to come to blows... Of course the loud people were skinny, and old and out of shape, and the guy telling the to shut up was much bigger. rude AND stupid.

      • revglenn says:

        being up at the front and doing that is right up there with moshing with people who have no desire to mosh... or it's evil twin, standing in the mosh pit and getting mad at the people moshing.

        i didn't think those two stories were all that related to your post btw. your post just brought them to mind.

    • lindseykuper says:

      I think there's something to be said for turning down. If you're quiet enough, you can embarrass the talkers into shutting up for a while.

      • revglenn says:

        i can see the point, but it's just such a rarity. and the "we don't rock...we sway" thing was a little.... i dunno.... overly gothy? melodramatic? dorky? that was the funny part. maybe you had to be there, but everyone was dying trying not to burst out laughing.

  3. boonedog says:

    Wow. The Breeders. I would've loved to see them. They were a favorite of mine back in the early 90's. One of my boyfriends was roadie for them for awhile and they nicknamed him "the divine hammer". There were some good stories from that time.