Steampunk dinosaurs. Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

Higher resolution versions.

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  1. schoschie says:

    I don't believe they made a really cool animated short like this which then turns out to be a hideous SATURN (big German electronics retailer) commercial. (While I'm wondering why I haven't seen this on TV here yet.)

  2. schoschie says:

    Die Auslese war hart.
    Doch jetzt ist sie da.
    Die stärkste Technik aller Zeiten.
    Gnadenlos günstig.
    Wir hassen teuer.

    Selection was tough.
    But now it's here.
    The most powerful tech of all time.
    "Mercilessly low-priced."
    "We hate pricey." <-- stupid slogan which doesn't translate well.

  3. With all the cg that went into that, you'd think they could have synch'd the voice to the image a little better at the end.

  4. tjic says:

    So, I decide to surf less from work, and install a Firefox plugin and block a bunch of sites, so that I only catch up on things at the end of the day.

    ...and how does the web pay me back?

    By having JWZ post steampunk dinosaurs, which then disappear from the tubes before I get a chance to see them.


    • korgmeister says:

      No, plays fine. Must be that stupid thing YT does where it sorta randomly says the video isn't available when it in fact is.

      • duskwuff says:

        It's specifically triggered by waiting too long to view the video after the page loads. My guess is that some sort of token ends up expiring.

  5. korgmeister says:

    That was awesome until that nightmare fuel voiceover at the end.

  6. lionsphil says:

    Fuck yes. T-Rex with a smokestack pwns all.