point of order:

I think that all of you (you with the jerking knees) who piped up to say "but that's not a BLIIIIIMP!!" should take a moment to realize that you just did the equivalent of complaining that I got Data's Starfleet rank wrong.

I hope you all think about what you've done.

PS, yes I know the difference, but BLIMP is a much better word.

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16 Responses:

  1. scullin says:

    DIIIIIRRRIIIIIGGGGIIIIIBLE. Just rolls off the tongue.

  2. blackchurch says:

    It's a big fucking floating turd. works for me.

  3. violentbloom says:

    blimps are so common.

  4. mysterc says:

    "Even saw the lights of the Goodyear blimp and it said 'JWZ's a pimp"

    Paraphrasing Ice Cube

    Cuz you don't do that enough...

  5. andr00 says:

    I had this friend in 3rd grade who would flip the fuck out if you called a dirigible a blimp in his presence. I did it all the time, natch.

    When I saw your last post, I immediately thought of him. Then, as if by magic, he was reborn a dozen times in the comments.

  6. xenogram says:

    Hey, how about that. The Wikipedia article on Data is shorter than the one on Zeppelins.

    Come on Trekkies, you're letting the side down.

  7. mcity says:

    Isn't "point of order" used for questions of procedure?

    /getting recursive

  8. Are you saying that people on your FL jumped at the glimmer of a chance at being condescending know-it-alls? THE DEVIL YOU SAY!

  9. carnivillain says:

    All I have to say on the matter:

  10. kraquehaus says:

    I'm happy to say that even though I posted a lot of what I consider informative corrections and cool facts to what seemed like benign ignorance, I have no fucking clue what "Data's Starfleet rank" even means.

    I was going to rant, but all I am going to say is this:

    How can saying "blimp" be better than "Zeppelin"?

    "Blimp" = Goodyear and sporting events

    "Zeppelin" = Cool trans-Atlantic flights, bars in the sky, flying aircraft carriers, etc.

    A bucket of cocks (for choking) could easily be deployed via Zeppelin much easier and with likely more accuracy than a blimp.

    For the record, I do not have goggles on my forehead.

    • mysterc says:

      "Zeppelin"= Houses of the holy, I II III IV, Stairway to Heaven etc.
      "Blimp"= Any vaguely cigar shaped aircraft that uses lighter than air gas as primary means of staying aloft. And yes that includes a "blimp" shaped Hot air balloon. also Rhymes with Pimp.