oh. mah. goff.

jwz: OH DUDE
netik: what is this
jwz: it's AMAZING
netik: oh my gof
jwz: it just keeps getting better, wait for it
netik: this reminds me of the clay people
otterley: this looks like something out of my high school video production class
jwz: this totally would have been released by cleopatra in 1993
song and video
netik: cleopatra would have made a tribute album for this guy's band
eric would have submitted a remix
The Hunger! C:\ "Do you know how many timezones there are in egypt" remix
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  1. mechalith says:

    I will never get that 3 minutes back, and yet, I find I have to thank you. Now to go inflict this clip on everyone I know....

  2. httf says:

    About halfway through fetaltoaster started shouting "No, this has to be intentionally bad. This has to be on purpose." I think he's still in denial.

    My favorite part is the contrast of his super-square-guy voice and the arbitrary melody with the random sexy/gothy scenes.

    Still haven't stopped laughing actually. It hurts.

  3. zonereyrie says:

    The conversation that caused this:

    "I really like The Sisters of Mercy and Type O-Negative, but I have no talent."
    "Hey man, don't let that stop you. You have to go for it!"

  4. I'm past "What is this?", past "Why is this?" and into "Dear gods, how can this..?".

  5. httf says:

    "Take note, the costumes are deliberate. The muse wears a bit of ancient Egypt in the present... and the Egyptian queen wears something from the future. A clash of worlds and icons. The lead singer's hair is purposely messed up, his character in chaos."

    • netik says:

      By "deliberate" and "clash of worlds and icons", he meant: "The Halloween store was having an after-Halloween sale, and this is all we could get."

    • georgedorn says:

      I see that's a 12th Dynasty, Middle Kingdom Thebian sports bra she's wearing.

      The costumer clearly did his research.

  6. korgmeister says:

    I now have a video that sums up what the 90s were like for me.

  7. baconmonkey says:

    beyond all the visual and singing FAIL, I'm left wondering how it's possible to have a drum machine keep stuttering ahead in tempo like that.

  8. baconmonkey says:

    I see your vampire yuppie goth-like-an-egyptian, and raise you a Proud American (brought to you by Coca Cola, Walmart, Master Card, & American Airlines)

  9. jay says:

    I'd buy the ringtone.

  10. nvrlnd says:

    What's *really* scary is the song from this video is in almost the exact same tempo as the "flapping throat" video from the robot mouth a few posts down.

    Two great tastes that go great together!

  11. crazy4cats says:

    Just to clarify: By AMAZING, do you mean AWFUL?

    "And you beg for release...."

    Yes, yes! Please! Make it stop! The pain!

    • The saddest thing is that he doesn't even say "beg for release"! He says "beg for relief," making what must have been a herculean effort to ignore the easiest and most relevant rhyme in the history of the English language.

      Hello. Here by way of pyrop, that sadist.

      • crazy4cats says:

        Wow. You actually paid attention to the words enough to be able to correct me?? I'm in awe. *makes bowing motions*

        It was hard to hear the words above the sounds of pain echoing through my brain.

        And is that small hello message for me or for jwz?

  12. ultranurd says:

    I like the Poser 3-quality Anubis effects.

  13. ammutbite says:

    what did Clay People ever do to you to deserve the comparison?

    I sometimes wonder if I am the only one who bought all those 21st Circuitry and Re-constriction compilations ...

    • i can say with some degree of confidence that i own a greater percentage of the recon and 21st catalogs than you do.

      despite admittedly being totally awful about 99% of the time, i own the entire clay people catalog, including singles.

      did you know the clay people still exist, and are writing music and playing shows?

      • ammutbite says:

        and then they launched into a "remember when" session, using arcane terms like aggrotech vs. coldwave, mail order, Fifth Column, and House of Usher :)

    • I think it's funny that Metropolis records finally branched out to artists that didn't use the same studio and equipment right when people stopped buying cds. And don't get me started on Cleopatra, dancing ferret, 21st circuitry and all...

  14. this is fantastic, but i am offended that my role in this has been relegated to "remix".

  15. substitute says:

    That girl is way, way too tan for a goth video.

  16. pyrop says:

    I didn't know they had sports bras in ancient Egypt.

  17. broken_alice says:

    I can't believe I watched the whole thing.

  18. triggur says:


  19. flipzagging says:

    There's more on their channel. Astaria Films present a James Prince movie: MIND FOREST.

  20. [makes assumptions about the musical era that produced this vomit]

    [goes to the CD Baby page to look at the stupid reviews]

    [sees the release date]


  21. lilamp says:

    ugh, i hate you so.