mixtape 058

My sinuses were so clogged -- how clogged were they? -- they were so clogged that I forgot to post this week's mixtape. Please enjoy jwz mixtape 058, a few days behind schedule.
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  1. Yeah, I was wondering about that, but you seemed so out of it...

    Are you better yet? How about NOW?

  2. cranaic says:

    I use a sinucleanse, which is a cheap plastic neti pot you can find at Walgreens. You can mix your own little packets of salt + baking soda when the originals run out.

    • gryazi says:

      Ha, seconded. (Indeed thank you for reminding me to eat my own dogfood and use mine, I feel significantly less awful.)

      And oh great, another know-it-all post, but to elaborate on some fruits of research/experience:
      * The Neti procedure (head forward, in one nostril and out the other) works because the saline shrinks the tissues, and the moisture passing nearby is more than enough to unclog the entrances to the sinuses and humidify the cavities. [Some people have "debunked" it for not really irrigating the sinus cavities directly. The debunkers are factually correct, yet it still works, and is a lot more comfortable than attempting real tilt-your-head-back irrigation.*]

      * For any form of nasal irrigation, you need to use saline; plain water burns like hell (ever breathe in while swimming?), while even strong saline solutions are painless in comparison. Non-iodized/Kosher salt is recommended because the iodine may risk anosmia or other side effects. I don't know why Sinucleanse adds baking soda but it doesn't seem to hurt anything.

      *Footnote: re: "tilt-your-head-back irrigation," the problem is that unless you can get your head fully inverted, anything going in the nose will pour down the back of the throat, not into your sinuses. I've seen this more "medically-approved" approach recommended in various places, including the packaging of the glass "nasal douche" I used originally (cost $5, worked fine as a miniature neti pot until it fell and smashed one day), and I can only assume the authors never actually tried it. Don't bother unless under medical orders, then do it in an inversion chair or something.

      Finally... I have to admit, I've observed that Salvia divinorum smoke, especially through a waterpipe, is remarkably effective against sinus headaches and congestion, unrelated to the "more interesting" effects. This is not exactly socially acceptable, so I've been trying to find anything similar that's less potentially-psychoactive. Sage and Clary Sage essential oils are really nowhere close. The steam from boiling fresh garden Salvia (splendens) might work, but it's not available during the winter here. Coleus forskohlii (now popular as a diet supplement) seems promising, as it has a history of traditional use for respiratory complaints, is from a somewhat related plant, and does seem to work at least a bit when taken orally... but it also seemed to mess with my digestion after a week or two of taking it daily, so it's wound up back in the cabinet. YMMV.

  3. kanin says:

    I'm very much in love with this mix. Thank you.