mixtape 056

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 056. You love track #1, so you should come see Stripmall Architecture (formerly Halou) at DNA Lounge this Thursday.
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  1. waider says:

    Love that Fluke track, and was rather annoyed to discover I don't actually own a copy (I have U-Six and Atom Bomb, both off the Wipeout: 2097 soundtrack). Also, another bunch of music on this that I wouldn't have expected to encounter in your collection; curiously, there's once again something in there that sounds quite a bit like The Killers. Something to do with keyboard string sounds and peculiar vocal techniques, maybe. Due to being distracted by other things I didn't take note of a specific track, alas.

    • waider says:

      Oh yeah. Whatever was going on around 45 minutes in sounded like a slightly demented version of Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill. Which, well, it's not the most sane piece of music to begin with.

  2. omni_ferret says:

    I really liked their "We Are Pilots" album, but the guy's vocals in "Ricochet" is just grating to me. Is this representative of the rest of the album?

  3. omni_ferret says:

    Apparently, that track's also known as Zeigeist's "Tar Heart," Zeigeist being a side project of The Knife. There's a weird live version - dancing clowns - with a few other Zeigeist songs as related videos.