magical toobs.

We'll miss you, Senator.
You gave us so much.

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  1. zarex says:

    Why is "tubes" so widely ridiculed as an analogy, but "pipes" is ok?

    • ultranurd says:

      Forward vowel sounds are inherently funnier?

    • belgand says:

      I think it's also the way he put it more than anything. He was asserting that the Internet was getting clogged and he didn't get his e-mail because it had to wait in line behind all sorts of other stuff from other people so it got to him days after being sent.

      People generally accept that a pipe carries a large amount of water. Nobody's water is stuck behind somebody else's water it's more just a matter of throughput and if you put too much water in either it won't go or you break the pipe and it starts to leak. Stevens seemed to think it was more linear and the tubes were tangled up and getting filled up so he had to wait in line.

      • zarex says:

        Well, the internet does get 'clogged'. The analogy really doesn't seem that bad to me, and it's fine for most laypeople to understand concepts like bandwidth.

        He, like most politicians, says lots of dumb things, but of all the things to ridicule him on the "tubes" thing seems to be among the least worthy.

        • belgand says:

          Yes, but when you exceed bandwidth you tend to just drop packets (e.g. your pipe leaks because of too much water). He seemed to think that it was more like a traffic jam and his e-mail was just sitting in a tube somewhere stuck behind other people's data and waiting to get to him.

        • mcfnord says:

          his analogy is not mistaken or particularly misleading. it's just funny.

    • volkris says:

      You're... not supposed to ask that.

      You're just supposed to continue ridiculing the man with the rest of the group.

      You're showing an awful lot of individualism questioning the group like that...

  2. nebulosity says:

    LOL I read "magical boobs."

    I can't stop laughing. XD

  3. muftak says: is a best remix of the tubes speech. What is wrong with that womens face?

  4. buckminster says:

    Yah, the tubes analogy is not a bad layperson analogy. But the rest of his speech, for example blaming the tubes for his delayed email, betrays an ignorance of the limits of that analogy.

  5. phoenixredux says:

    He was good for a laugh, yes, but he was in a dangerous position for such an old, uncomprehending man. Good riddance to him. I hope he enjoys his lovely home in Alaska.

  6. mcity says:

    Those bleeping thumbnails are totally ruining my enjoyment of the first vid.

  7. fantasygoat says:

    I had to try and explain DNS caching to a salesperson today.

    Why do they make me talk to these people?

  8. recursive says:

    That first video is great.

  9. miguelitosd says:

    But the continual repeating (in Exhibit A) of "Magically" and especially the phrase "Magically delivered" made me immediately think of "magically delicious" from the old Lucky Charms TV ads. :-/

  10. sfslim says:

    I played them both at the same time and my brain asploded.