It's kind of like a "jump to conclusions" mat. Made of meat.

Jumping Brain!

This is probably what your Boltzmann brain looks like.
Because how else would you jump to a lower entropic state?
(Seriously people, think these things through.)

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5 Responses:

  1. mc_kingfish says:

    Careful, one of those things killed my cleric on the last level.

  2. mysterc says:

    I wanted to say something about frogs not bumping their asses when they jumped, but I am too tired to think.

  3. phenyx says:

    For some reason, I immediately thought Dnyarri.

  4. strangehours says:

    Having one set of CT scan data, and needing access one stereolithography machine, and a bit of design work, I have a serious desire to make myself a 3d puzzle out of my own brain...