Goodbye, Yeasty Spaceman

"Katz Bagels UFO no more." I never actually ate there, but I always got a kick out of the bagel UFO. Apparently it's not coming back "and they couldn't understand why i cared". What's next, that that place with the giant tomato?

This comment caused me to consult the flowchart:

Presumably the burger is going to get installed on the back of a flatbed that some Burner is going to drive around town at every god-damned opportunity while Scott Beale takes pictures?

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  1. kavavita says:

    *god* When I saw that on SFist I immediately wondered how long it would be until Scott Beale was snapping shots of it on a truck!

    That flowchart is most excellent.

    San Francisco needs a transfusion of new blood, and then to be picked up and shaken like a snow globe.

    • icis_machine says:

      agreed on all points.

      but the hipsters are too busy taking pictures of themselves in clubs and compromising positions to arsed to do something for the local culture unless it makes them internet famous.

      • kavavita says:

        So -- should we band together to ban hipsters from the clubs in favor of more entertaining people, or just lock them in so we can reclaim the streets for serious & silly art and culture again?

  2. dr_memory says:

    Apparently it's the worst of all worlds: the alien bagel spaceship is gone, but Katz will continue to sell their shitty, shitty pseudo-bagels.

  3. bitterjesus says:

    Actually (and you may know this), the place with the tomato has undergone the opposite: the restaurant itself is closed, but the tomato remains. Shame, too--it was pretty good, and my friend had her wedding reception dinner there, so I have a special fondness for it.

    In any case, I'm sure this will somehow be blamed on "Teh Evil Forces of Gentrification(TM)," perhaps because someone was afraid it would squash their precious snoogly-woogums. Or maybe too many homeless people were taking shelter underneath it.

    • I loved that restaurant... in '98 I worked at a dot-com around the corner, and I ate there at least 3 times a week for a while. It was my must-eat-at restaurant every time I was in the city for a day or two. I knew the owners somewhat, and I wonder what happened to Marlene and (Denato? I didn't know him as well..)

      I was saddened to see that it had closed a while back, and seeing the tomato go away would seem like finally throwing away the personal things of a dead loved one. Ironically, the tomato wasn't actually put up for that restaurant, but for a really crappy one that preceded it, at least according to Marlene.

      • ellyjonez says:

        it was good. they had amazing tomato soup with bread dumplings. i crave!

      • Before Vino it was Ruby's pizza. Not crappy at all. But riding
        the brief cornmeal crust wave that couldn't take it too far.

        • I probably embellished about the state of the previous occupant, but out of loyalty to Vino. I still crave their minestrone, and the dish (I think called fiorentina) which was a flatbread with rosemary potatoes, spinach and olive oil on top... it was divine... and I've never had better Penne al Arrabiata than I had there.... damn.. now I'm hungry and depressed.

  4. Awww, the bagel. I was there a lot when I lived there.

  5. ellyjonez says:

    i think i would be more sad about the giant tomato. i used to live across the street from it when i moved here... 12 years ago. it's amazing the tomato has survived the ballparkification of that neighb. it was once so faded that we called it the giant peach, but they seem to have painted it since.

  6. latemodel says:

    I saw the construction crew there with the ladder, and I figured that the local crackheads had knocked the bagel down.

    Little did I know that Mr. Katz did it himself!