gears cube

It would feel less like cheating if all the gears meshed, but it's still pretty sweet.

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21 Responses:

  1. ladykalessia says:

    Did you hear that?


    That was the sound of 30,000 steampunks orgasming at once.

  2. crasch says:

    Very cool.

  3. colubra says:

    if every gear meshed with every adjacent gear in this sculpture, none of them could turn.

    • jwz says:

      Duh. But other layouts are possible that would look less cheaty.

      • colubra says:

        I am intrigued by this and other ideas of yours, and would wish to subscribe to your newsletter if I didn't already get it.
        Thanks for pointing this neat thing out!

      • gytterberg says:

        I guess. It comes down to something like a sphere packing problem, doesn't it? A certain amount of open space is required. It's true I suppose that the gears could all be more significantly out of round in a coordinated way. Next version maybe.

        And anyway I think it looks awesome and "cheaty" only as far as it looks like it's cheating the subsection pertaining to paper in the laws of physics.

  4. morrisa says:

    Wow. They're made of paper.

  5. Am I the only one who takes one look and thinks: "come on mate, it wouldn't be that hard to cut proper involute profiles on those teeth"?

    • gfish says:

      No. But I'll cut them some slack for being awesome. :)

    • poitoi says:


      I was actually wondering the same thing... it would make it turn a whole lot more smoothly....
      and jamie... how odes it look cheaty?
      i'm trying to think where could have more meshyness.. but i dont see it.

      freakin awesome though!!

  6. They need this in the next Hellraiser movie.

  7. inkyblue2 says:

    note that all these shapes (cube, heart, etc.) are special cases since the gears are essentially 2d shapes drawn on a sphere and extruded out from the center to infinity. just cut whatever form you want out of that infinite volume and HOLY CRAP IT ROTATES.