Fail more

If The Fillmore were a woman, she'd wear expensive, stylish clothes, but have a voice like Dr. Girlfriend and reek of bong water from across the room.

This time I managed to mostly avoid the great jetting plumes of pot smoke that went off twice a minute like a school of whales breaching, but mostly my reaction to the show was, "I think there might be a band playing beneath this molar-rattling bass hum." How do you manage to make the bass howl like that when the band has no bass or drums? Jesus.

But I'll count the 25 minute, $16 quesadilla that tasted like a $2 grilled cheese sandwich as "my own damned fault". There was a time when the food at Fillmore was actually pretty good, but I keep forgetting that that time was, like, more than ten years ago.

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6 Responses:

  1. httf says:

    I'm not sure about stylish. After you left they started using paisley lights. Although, I was impressed that the guys smoking pot directly in front of me actually stopped when I asked them to.

    • jwz says:

      The place is clean, in good repair, and has a fortune in the sound and lighting rigs. Usually when a place sounds that bad, it's because someone's cheaping out. But clearly money is being spent. So I don't know where it's all going wrong.

      • httf says:

        Last time I was there was for Morrissey and the sound was adequate. Perhaps tonight's sound guy just sucked balls? I turned around at one point and watched him for a while. He seemed oblivious.

  2. violentbloom says:

    You know at some point I rather liked it because you could get food there early and then sit by the balcony. But in the last few years ok, decade, it's all bong water.