dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein are found photos and frustration.

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  1. mc_kingfish says:

    Since Hubba Hubba Revue is at the DNA, it's there through the holidays, and includes live bands every month, I believe I'm right in saying that everyone reading this particular DNA Lounge Update is beholden to go to all Hubba Hubbas from now into Eternity (including, but not limited to, the next 3 months.)

    Also, everyone: don't stay home 'til February. Go out, do stuff.

    Do that instead of buying a lot of crap for Christmas. You don't need crap. You need fun.

    With Booze.

    There's a lot of that at the DNA Lounge.

  2. wikkit42 says:

    Well shit. I can see that being really frustrating.

    If you get somebody to do your booking, and you get someone I like, I'll come up from Mojave to see it. I miss living in a college town and seeing live music every week.

    Any use in doing cheap stuff like local bands? Or would it just drive off more bar people to have possibly mediocre music?

  3. unwoman says:

    It seems like the biggest crowds for live music are almost always in the context of 1 band's short set within a DJ night (a la erstwhile pop roxx, or New Wave City, etc.) People in SF just aren't into seeing live bands. Except at places that get, for whatever reason, a lot of draw regardless of band, like Du Nord.

    Actually I have a crazy idea. Book a few really high-profile, more-than-you-can-probably afford bands to play there and get people started coming, outside of goth/industrial I mean. Once you have a talent buyer this might be something to (judiciously) pursue.

    And one more crazy idea, I think you need a bigger sign. People are always coming up to me, as I walk near 11th and Harrison, and asking me if I know where the DNA lounge is. I always laugh and tell them. (OK, always is actually just 2x in the last 2 months...)

  4. thargol says:

    Claire Voyant? Eeesh. There's a name from the past. I hadn't realised they were still around. Glad it was a good show.

  5. fantasygoat says:

    Perhaps one of the issues is that the DNA has a reputation as a goth/alternative club, so the normal douchebags and party people stay away because they think the place is full of PVC-clad weirdos.