For a show that is about attention to detail, the title sequence to Dexter drives me crazy. It opens with him shaving in spooky macro, but by the time he's done spookily making breakfast, he has three days of stubble. Come on, dude. Keep your story straight.
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  1. starjewel says:

    Hmm excellent point. I rarely watch the opening sequence a. because it's creepy, and b. because it's 90 seconds long (three 30 sec skips on my TiVo!)

    • encapsulate says:

      I could do with a longer "Previously" segment as well. Since I fell and hit my head, them going over the previous season, and the last 5 episodes works well for me, but I need more.

  2. gimpyprophet says:

    Has this season gotten any better? I stopped watching after episode 4 mostly because it seemed to be going away from the awesomeness that Dexter actually was (tragically separate from society, a cold blooded, calculated killer).

    I wanted to scream when he decided to kill the guy on the spot in the garage and now it's a major plot point for the whole series. He never would have done that in the first season.

    • speedracr says:

      Wouldn't you say that's the point of seasons for a show like this, character growth?

      While they have started to move in another direction, I don't mind it so much because it's interesting to see him try to humanize himself more and more :)

      • shades_of_grae says:

        I quit watching a while back, but it sounds like they're trying to stay reasonably close to the books. There was an incident like that in (I think) the third book. Along with some really weird shit about ancient immortal proto-gods that use human sacrifice to reproduce.

        • patrick says:

          The only things they are keeping with the later books is his relationship with Rita. Some of the ideas that Jeff Lindsay explores get looked at in the series, but in different ways through different characters.

          I think the TV show is way better than the books.

  3. httf says:

    I haven't started the second season yet. I'm not sure how I feel about him going soft.

    • scorpionis says:

      I just finished it: I enjoyed it a lot. I don't see it so much as him going 'soft' as it is his exploration of his nature. Sometimes he trips over himself.

  4. giles says:

    Come on man - spoiler warning. You've ruined the upcoming werewolf plotline.

  5. ctakahara says:

    You know, some people just take a really, really long time to make some spooky eggs.

  6. jgwagg says:

    every time I watch the intro by complaining about this.

  7. dojothemouse says:

    That's so glaring that I assumed it was a joke. I was distracted during the Season 1 episode that contains the title sequence, so I thought there might have actually been some kind of explanation for the three day beard.

    But Season 1 is full of TV snafus. My least favorite was the pumpkin carving, where Dex carves a totally unpumpkinlike orange styrofoam sphere. It took them a minute before the writing, directing, and $$s caught up to the show.

  8. 7ghent says:

    I got the impression that he /was/ going to shave, but then doesn't finish because he cut himself.

  9. badc0ffee says:

    I think he shaves his neck/throat and lets the stubble grow on the rest of his face?

  10. belgand says:

    I find that the title sequence is the best part of the show and one of my favorite title sequences. I stuck it out through season one, but I found basically nothing to hold my interest. It felt like an "edgy" (but still within mainstream standards) CBS police show. Hell, Dexter himself isn't even really a serial killer so much as a vigilante, there's often very little blood (well, aside from the relevant hotel room full, but even then it was about on par with a low-rent haunted house), and we never really get to see him actually killing anyone.

    I just don't get it at all.

    Those titles, though, they always make me hungry. Especially that ham.

  11. ichicolco says:

    Pay more attention next time. He shaves his neck. Not his face.

  12. baconmonkey says:

    what has that got to do with Data's blimp?

  13. homodachi says:

    The thing that always irks me about the opener is that one close-up shot of his blackhead-dotted cheeks. Too much information!

  14. mimec0re says:

    The second problem with that sequence involves his costume at the very end, as he's walking out of his apartment. In it, he's wearing a white undershirt, with a button-down shirt over the top. Nowhere in the rest of the show does he wear an undershirt of any kind.

    They couldn't get their costumes straight either.