a dignified xenomorph

Dear Lazyweb,

I have finally decided what velvet painting to commission. But first I need to come up with an image for them to work from, and that's where I need your help.

I want a picture of Giger's Alien, but I want him wearing a top-hat and monocle. Possibly sitting in an overstuffed chair.

I seek the assitance of the lazyweb in finding a good source image of the alien onto which these other items can be easily photoshopped. I'm finding it surprisingly difficult to google up a picture of an alien with its head at a usable angle.

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31 Responses:

  1. pavel_lishin says:

    Have you (or anyone else) tried DeviantArt?

    • dygel says:

      His request is nowhere near furry enough to merit leveraging the deviantART talent pool. If he were looking to commission lactating squirrel-people, that would be the ticket.

  2. endico says:

    I was hoping this was another Cheeta painting. What could be better than an alien painted on velvet by a monkey?

  3. jwm says:

    Tried Alien Loves Predator? You might even be able to convince Bernie to do the dress-up/photoshopery for you.

  4. httf says:

    I think fetaltoaster might be able to help you with this. He does a lot of image mining for his work. I shall forward your entry...

  5. porphyre says:

    I've always wanted a Last Supper with a Crying Elvis Jesus and Dogs Playing Poker for Apostles. I asked them, but they said it would cost.

  6. solarbird says:

    Here it is in a tuxedo; throwing a top-hat on that seems pretty natural. But what're you looking for, a 3/4 shot?

    (side view)

  7. jwm says:

    Where does it wear the monocle? They're not big on eyes...

  8. giles says:

    Oh fine - crap all over the velvet medium with your good taste and style.

    Where do you put the monocle on a big shiny phallus anyway?

    ... or the top hat, come to think of it.

  9. latemodel says:

    httf and I have decided that the second head should be smoking a pipe.

  10. I'm convinced that xenomorph needs to be crossing its legs and holding a cane in its right arm.

  11. latemodel says:

    Oh, also, it should still be dripping. You need something that still conveys menace.

  12. ydna says:

    At the mention of top-hat and monocle, my thoughts immediately turned to dance scene with Peter Boyle in Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein. The Alien angle sounds familiar...

  13. tedlick says:

    I'll dig it out, but off the top of my head I think that there was a Dark Horse comic written by Nancy Collins which featured a tuxedo-wearing Alien on its cover. Circa '93?

  14. waxpancake says:

    I went looking for Aliens-related photos in Usenet, and instead, immediately found a drawing of the Alien fellating the Predator. Remind me never to look for anything in Usenet again. Rule 34!