Wait, what?

Wait, did this song just include the line, "every quotation that dribbled from your mouth like a final, fatal livejournal entry"?

Yes. Yes it did.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein photos appear, and we try to make friends.

Photos are up of Hubba Hubba Revue, and also Immortal Technique.

By the way. Do you like us? Are we friends? Have you proved it? Have you? Because if you haven't friended us on the various social network sites, that means you hate us. That's how it works. So far, we're on Facebook, MySpace, SonicLiving, Last.FM, Going, Upcoming, and Twitter.

Please friend us. If you don't, we might start cutting again.

We've got staff spending many hours a week just updating the event info on these (and a few other) web sites. It's a disturbingly manual process, since almost none of these sites are willing or able to read the iCal and RSS feeds we provide, so someone has to sit there and cut and paste the events into the various forms. It's kind of ridiculous.

Are there other sites that you think our events should be listed on? There are countless others, but these seemed to be the most popular ones, last time we checked... It's kind of hard to tell.