DNA Lounge: Wherein note is taken of both ruffians and birthdays.

Dear Party People, I have two items of note to bring to your attention:

  1. Tonight is Hubba Hubba Revue's "Girl Gang" exposé, and the kids seem very excited about their little show this time. There has been "significant chatter", as they say in the intelligence community.

  2. Tomorrow is Bootie, but beyond that, tomorrow is DNA Lounge's Twenty-Third Birthday! Yes indeed, this venerable venue first opened under the name "DNA Lounge" on November 22, 1985. Come raise a glass, won't you?


I got a new clock.

It's a pretty cool clock.
Except that it doesn't light up.
Or have an alarm.
Or run ntpd.
Or have any way to sync the minute-tick with other clocks except by waiting for it to tick,
pulling the battery, waiting for the other clock to tick, and re-inserting.

Actually when I put it that way,
I guess it mostly fails at clockery.
Pretty, though.


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