my wrist hurts.


Way back when, it was typing that did me in. I never had trouble with mice. But now my mouse is messing me up. My fancypants chair-arm-mounted split keyboard has dual trackpads on it, but I hate trackpads. I've been trying to use them all day and they just drive me crazy.

I have a table-like mouse-pad clipped to the edge of my desk so that the mouse is lower than the desk surface, down near the keyboard, but I think I've been leaning on my elbow when using it. Which is, you know, bad.

I had one of those horizontally-gripped mice for a while (in the picture at that link), which sounded like a good idea, but after a couple of months, I found it even less comfortable than a flat mouse.

I wish this keyboard had a trackpoint. But even then, I'd really miss having a tilting scroll wheel.

Bah. And ow.

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wtf, google

Dear Google,

My most hated Google Maps misfeature: I'm zoomed in and I want to find a restaurant near the corner I'm looking at. Or, in this case, I'm looking at the restaurant's building on Street View but they don't have a sign and I don't remember what it's called.

You can't get there from here.

The phone version (PalmOS, at least) realizes that you want to see things near here, but the web page doesn't. No matter what you search for, it zooms you out to "city view" (if you're lucky: sometimes you get the whole continent.)

How much more context could I possibly give than the area I am already looking at? Why does it zoom out all the time! Gaah!

WTF, Google.

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this year's cartograms


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gears cube

It would feel less like cheating if all the gears meshed, but it's still pretty sweet.

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